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Why arent BWANA DEVIL, I, THE JURY, MONEY FROM HOME and other classic 1950s titles available on 3D Blu-ray?

One Hell of a blast! Dynasty 3-D – aka Qian dao wan li zhu

The Resurrection signifies an incredible new beginning.

A CineForum special Presentation:The Turin Shroud, Silent Witness to The Passion of Jesus

The historical Jesus was a dirt poor tradesman from the boonies of Galilee.

Digging deep into the history Golgotha. Was the skull of Adam buried there? Did the blood of Jesus wash the skull of Adam?

Barrie Schwortz – Colorado USA: Five Reasons Why Some Christians Are Shroud Sceptics

Forgiveness of debts

The first 3D picture: The Shroud Of Turin.

Racism comes in all shades.