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Reg Hartt: What I learned with DMT & LSD.

Science of The Turin Shroud: Leave Religion at the door. Belief and disbelief get in the way of seeing.–Reg Hartt

Be your own teacher. Do everything like the first wo/man.

Over coming our mother part 1: Judith Merril

Hidden Gardens Toronto 3D 1

Jordan Peterson is as solid as a soup sandwich.–Reg Hartt, Crazy-Wisdom-Yogin

Reg Hartt, an elder much loved in this world, is hated without just cause. He’s been hated for far fucking too long.

Is it possible to create an environment that gives birth to artists, poets and musicians and messiahs? Yes, it is. I AM is doing it in Toronto.

Fire Sale At Reg Hartt’s CineForum, Toronto, Canada

Something must be seriously wrong in you for you to be having lawsuits at all.