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1Two summers ago after watching a great BBC Documentary on THE SHROUD OF TURIN    and a far from great episode of a television news series on it I decided I wanted a replica of THE SHROUD.

My first thought after having that thought was, “That is ridiculous.”

Well, if I have a rule it is as soon as part of my mind dismisses something the more active part engages it.

I did a google search. I could get a knock off cheap or I could contact Barrie Schwortz, the official photographer for the Shroud Of Turin Research Project (STURP) in 1978 and get an authorized one. I contacted Barrie. With the help of my sister Kathy I got it. As a result Barrie and I have become web friends. My reproduction hangs in my hall: ,

3D (Use Red & Blue glasses)     .

The great problem with anything involving Faith is the eagerness of many to believe. This accounts for why so many so often get fleeced by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I like to take my time with things. Barrie Schowrtz took 18 or 19 years to decide the man on the Shroud is Jesus. I’m with Barrie. Be sober. Take your time. If someone says, “Speed up,” slow down.

Barrie acts as a brake to my own enthusiasm. He says, “Check the science.” I do. The science on the Shroud is astounding.

My friend Simon Waegemaekers created Canada’s Museum For Textiles (with Max Allen playing a decidedly secondary role). As happens with many creators Simon got the boot. The builders often reject the foundation stone. Simon, who knows his textiles, states,”There is only one person in the field of textiles with whom we do not argue. That one person is Mechthild Flury-Lemberg.

Mecthild Flury-Lemburg has no doubts about The Shroud.

A friend who refuses to examine the evidence states he does so because he’s not an expert in the fields. To me that is a lot like being called to jury duty and then rejecting the evidence in the case because we are not as informed as the people presenting evidence.

Their job, in the courtroom is to present their findings in language an ordinary person can grasp.

The problem with Jesus is that he comes with so much I automatically reject.

For example Pentecostals forbid alcohol. I like my beer and, on occasion, my whiskey. (The first time I got drunk I was 14. A friend an I found three bottles of cheap wine behind the backdoor of the Pentecostal Church in Chipman, New Brunswick.  We probably saved the minister’s sons from sinning that day).

As everyone who has read THE NEW TESTAMENT knows Jesus turned water into wine. The man who did that has no problem with my having a beer.

Jehovah’s Witnesses and others tell us the Old Testament laws are still in force concerning which in Acts Peter said, “Why burden them (the Gentiles) with that which neither we nor the fathers could bear?” Now Peter is the rock on which the church (community–the word “church” means “community”) is built. Are the backs of Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who say the Old Testament laws are still in force stronger than the backs of Peter and the fathers? Not on our life. We human beings are swift to fly to wrap ourselves in the chains of the ideal.

Which one is genuine?

“I once knew a certain Benedicta who filled earth and air with the ideal, and whose eyes scattered the seeds of longing for greatness, beauty and glory, for everything that makes a man believe in immortality.

“But this miraculous girl was too beautifull to live long; and so it was that, only a few days after I had come to know her, she died, and I buried her with my own hands one day when Spring was swaying its censer over the graveyards. I buried her with my own hands and shut her into a coffin of scented and incorruptible wood like the coffers of India.

“And while my eyes still gazed on the spot where my treasure lay buried, all at once I saw a little creature who looked singularly like the deceased, stamping up and down on the fresh earth in a strange hysterical frenzy, and who said as she shrieked with laughter:

“‘Look at me! I am the real Benedicta! a perfect hussy! And to punish you for your blindness and your folly, you shall love me as I am.’

“But I was furious and cried: ‘No! no! no!’ And to emphasize my refusal I stamped so violently on the earth that my leg sank into the new dug grave to my knee; and now, like a wolf caught in a trap, I am held fast, perhaps forever, to the grave of the ideal.”

— Charles Baudelaire, {Paris Spleen} —

That grave of the ideal is a vast one.

Young people read Jane Jacobs’ pivotal book THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES in which she writes against the mediocre  visions of urban planners. Then, proving they didn’t get it, they become Urban Planners.

Young people read Jane Jacobs, miss the point and become Urban Planners.

Young people read Jane Jacobs, miss the point and become Urban Planners.

Similarly many read THE NEW TESTAMENT and somehow miss the fact that the only people Jesus calls sinners on sight are priests and scribes. They set out to become priests and then beat the rest of us with THE BIBLE. By the way, the Jewish stare being a Theocracy the priests ans scribes of Jesus’ day are the politicians and lawyers of our day. Jesus we know hung out with the very people conventional Christians today tell us are damned. He never once called one of them a sinner nor do I. Much of the problem with today’s Christianity stems from poor readings of the letters of Paul.

People embrace the ideal which leads them to create a far from ideal view of eternity.

People embrace the ideal which leads them to create a far from ideal view of eternity.

People embrace the ideal which leads them to create a far from ideal view of eternity.

People embrace the ideal which leads them to create a far from ideal view of eternity.

People embrace the ideal which leads them to create a far from ideal view of eternity.

People embrace the ideal which leads them to create a far from ideal view of eternity.

This is why I accept Jesus and reject Christianity.

I obtained my Shroud Replica from Barrie Schwortz. It took Barie 19 years to decide the man on the cloth is Jesus. It is. I'm not in a hurry to have others discover that. Each in their own time.

I obtained my Shroud Replica from Barrie Schwortz. It took Barie 19 years to decide the man on the cloth is Jesus. It is. I’m not in a hurry to have others discover that. Each in their own time.

In a court of law authenticity type setting the only testimony that would sway a jury one way or the other would come from
1. Someone who personally examined the Shroud of Turin and has seen the whole 14′ cloth in person and 2. Someone who is a blood chemistry expert or forensic pathologist. 95% if not 100% of the weight of the scale which determines the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin rests on the final report and conclusions drawn by the forensic pathologists and blood chemistry experts. That was done. It tipped all the way over to 100% authentic.

Here they are.

1. Dr. Frederick Zugibe, Forensic pathologist, Chief Medical Examiner of Rockland county New York for 33 years. PHD in anatomy.  An expert witness.  Involved in over 10,000 autopsies. His Conclusion: The Shroud is authentic: His statement: I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever. In other words he is 100% convinced without a flicker of doubt in his mind.  I have his book, THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS A Forensic Inquiry.

2. Dr Pierre Barbet: Chief Surgeon St Josephs Hospital, Paris France Battle field Surgeon.  His conclusion: The Shroud is authentic. Wrote a book after his examination was complete called Doctor at Calvary which I have.

3. Dr. Robert Bucklin Professor of Forensic Pathology Involved in over 25,000 autopsies considered one of the world’s leading experts in forensic pathology.His conclusion: The Shroud is authentic. His statement: It is the ultimate responsibility of the medical examiner to confirm by whatever means are available to him the identity of the deceased, as well as to determine the manner of this death. In the case of Man on the Shroud, the forensic pathologist will have information relative to the circumstances of death by crucifixion which he can support by his anatomic findings. He will be aware that the individual whose image is depicted on the cloth has undergone puncture injuries to his wrists and feet, puncture injuries to his head, multiple traumatic whip-like injuries to his back and postmortem puncture injury to his chest area which has released both blood and a water type of fluid. From this data, it is not an unreasonable conclusion for the forensic pathologist to determine that only one person historically has undergone this sequence of events. That person is Jesus Christ.”

4. Dr. Alan Adler: Blood Chemistry Expert. His conclusion: The Shroud is authentic. He performed over a dozen tests on the blood on the Shroud and proved it to ne genuine blood. This is acceptable evidence in a court of law.

5. Dr. John Heller: Blood Chemistry Expert. His conclusion: The Shroud is authentic. Blood type is AB (very rare and identical to the blood on the Sudarium of Oviedo. Elevated levels of bilirubin. Tested positive for human albumin, bile pigments and protein.

6. Dr. Baima Ballone: Forensic pathologist and blood chemistry expert. His conclusion: The Shroud is authentic. Note: He also did tests on the Sudarium of Oviedo and found myrrh and aloes in the blood by anti body antigen testing. Sudarium and Shroud have the same blood.

7. Dr. Max Frei: Head of the Forensic Science Police Department. Swiss Criminologist Took pollen samples from Shroud in 1973 and did a thorough examination. Saw the Shroud of Turin in person and examined it. Went to the Holy Land to identify pollens on the Shroud that were not in his records or books. His quote: I can affirm without fear of being proven wrong that this cloth dates back to Palestine 2000 years ago. Note: Dr. Max Frie found pollens on the Shroud that have been extinct since the early centuries.

Secondo Pia took the first photograph of THE SHROUD OF TURIN on May 28, 1898. He was shocked when he saw the image on his negative. Who would not be? The look of peace of this face is its most astounding aspect for me.—Reg Hartt


Dr. Frederick Zugibe:

Dr. Pierre Barbet:

Barbet vs Zugibe

The physical effects of the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus

Dr. Robert Bucklin:………

Dr. Alan Adler:

Dr. John Heller:

Remembering Shroud Blood Scientist Dr. John H. Heller–A Guest Posting by Kelly Kearse

Dr. Baima Ballone:

Dr. Max Frei:

Dr. Avinoam Danin:

The Pollen Scam?

Yves Delage:

“… Delage … presented these findings to the French Academy. … he stated unequivocally, `The man of the Shroud is the Christ!‘ … many of his colleagues … jeered at Delage … he had always been at most an agnostic, and probably an atheist … Delage replied … ` … it must be recognized that their whole constitutes a bundle of imposing probabilities, some of which are very near to being proven.’ …. If, instead of Christ, there were a question of someone like a Sargon, an Achilles or one of the Pharaohs, no one would have thought of making any objection.'” (Brent & Rolfe, 1978, pp.41-42).


Books (I have them and I have read and re-read them):

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