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“A shocker thriller, with Vincent Price in one of his signature psychotic roles…cheesy fun with a delightfully villainous Vincent.”
– Dennis Schwartz, Ozu’s World Movie Reviews

“This vigorous little shocker has another psychotic role for Price as a magic-trick inventor who goes over the edge when fellow magicians rip off his act and his wife runs off with a younger rival.”
– Time Out London

Vincent Price delivers the goods no matter what he is in. When what he is in is worthy of his gifts, as is the case with THE MAD MAGICIAN (1954) the results are all the more exciting  .

Produced by Bryan Foy ( ) who also produced THE HOUSE OF WAX (1953) with Vincent Price for Warner Brothers, the film was directed by John Brahm who had an able hand with thrillers having previously done THE UNDYING MONSTER (1942), THE LODGER (1944), and HANGOVER SQUARE (1945) the last featuring a great Bernard Herrmann score , ,   .

Twilight Time‘s Limited Edition Release (3000 copies) is a must have for everyone who likes Vincent Price, Horror Films and 3D films. If you have yet to get a 3D system the Blu-ray offers the film in 2D as well.

I have their previous Columbia Releases (MAN IN THE DARK , , and MISS SADIE THOMPSON with Rita Hayworth , ) . The same high standard of work that went into creating those for Blu-ray has gone into this. Twilight Time is to be commended. I hope the remainder of Columbia’s 1950s 3D films get the same treatment. Having read about them I am eager to see them.

Also included are the Three Stooges’ shorts SPOOKS and PARDON MY BACKFIRE (both in 3D) plus an excellent making of documentary CONJURING UP THE MAD MAGICIAN. This is a great program I will enjoy sharing with friends. You will, too. If you don’t have HOUSE OF WAX (1953 in 3D get it. These two were made for each other.–Reg Hartt 01/19/2016.

Shemp Howard as The Bat Man in SPOOKS.

THE MAD MAGICIAN is in side by side 3D. The anaglyphs were created by myself.



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