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Arch Obler’s BWANA DEVIL is the movie that thanks to its huge financial success kicked of the 3D Boom of the 1950s. It place in the history of the motion pictures is right up there besides all other major motion pictures landmarks. A few years back it almost got a 2D Blu-ray release which is ridiculous considering that is throwing the picture’s main selling point away.

MONEY FROM HOME is not only in 3D it was also the first color film starring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. There is talk of a 2D Blu-ray which again is throwing away one of the picture’s main selling points. On top of that, thankfully, Jerry Lewis is not only still with us his star status globally has not dimmed one tiny fraction.

Both these pictures cry out for a 3D Blu-ray release. They also cry out for the top quality restoration work only the 3D Film Archive can provide.

The bonus is that Robert Furmanek, who runs The 3D Film Archive, worked with and is friends with Jerry Lewis.

Hopefully the folks who can make this happen will make this happen now while the chance to do both these pictures justice is at its best.

Motion Picture History will owe them a huge debt of thanks.

–Reg Hartt 03/18/2017.


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