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These were made with a variety of cameras. Currently I am using a Sony HDR TD10 3D Camera. I found that my early side by side 3D films tend to drift on youtube. Currently I convert them to anaglyph (Red & Blue glasses, red over left eye) before posting. These listed are certainly not everything on my site (  ). Enjoy.

Jane Jacobs 1 Toronto’s War On Fun–hXw8

Heartbeat Graeme Kirkland Reg Hartt

Jane Jacobs On Reg Hartt

Petunia And The Vipers: Reg Hartt (Toronto Is Colder Than Mars)

Jane Jacobs Welcomes Bob Clampett To Toronto 1978.

Reg Hartt Presents Bob Clampett 1


Slow Death Lights At The Rivoli 06-07-2017

Slow Death Lights Anaglyph 3D Use Red And Blue Glasses

Alexandre Hamel On Living And Learning At The Cineforum and The Creation of Le Patin Libre

Alex intro 1 Le Patin Libre Feb 21 2012 1 5

Le Patin Libre 3D 2012 2

Le Patin Libre 2012 3

Taylor Dilley On Discovering Le Patin Libre And The Cineforum

Pascale Jodoin Of Le Patin Libre At The Cineforum

Jasmin Boivin of Le Patin Libre

Samori Ba of Le Patin Libre At The Cineforum

Greta Vosper College Street United Church

Alexandre Hamel, Jasmin Boivin, Taylor Dilley of Le Patin Libre At Scadding Court Ice Rink Toronto 1

LE PATIN LIBRE How it came to be

SLOW DEATH LIGHT, Andre Skinner, Silver Dollar, August 27, 2015

THE CINEFORUM, 463 Bathurst, Toronto. 2017, 05, 12

THE CINEFORUM 3D, 463 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

Mirvish Village Community Meeting March 2, 2017

The Mad Dalton

Daniel Goldman Reg Hartt Conversation

Toronto Has No Hartt (Song By Petunia and The Vipers)

Daniel Goggin on working for Dr. Jamie and being smeared by him with street posters

John-Paul Re on working for Dr. Jamie.

Dr. Jamie’s Street Poster Campaign Against Terry Ross.

Occupy Toronto 3D

Occupy Tor 3

Occupy Tor 4

Occupy Tor 5

Occupy Tor (6).MP4

Occupy Toronto The Last Day in 3D

Sacred Fire: Fasting At Queen’s Park, Toronto 2017–06–03.

David Vayhinger 3D

Reg Hartt Presents WORLD PRIDE TORONTO 2014 3D a

Pride 2012 Bloggie 8

Yusuke Hasegawa

Yusuke Hasegawa 2

Petunia Cadilac Lounge 19, 11, 2015 anaglyph 3D

Yusuke Hasegawa At The Cineforum 2


Carlos From Spain At The Cineforum


Stedmond Pardy May 29, 2016


Stedmond Pardy – A free jazz poem for Joan Baez


Stedmond Pardy Stress Men Prefer Curvy Women


Stedmond Pardy – E True Lakeshore Story


Reg Hartt Film Portrait: Chris Crossroads


The Sidewalk Crusaders 1


The Sidewalk Crusaders 2


The Sidewalk Crusaders 3


Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: Kevin Clarke, Yonge And Bloor 1

Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: Kevin Clarke, Yonge And Bloor 2

Dynamic Surfboarding

Street Singer Toronto

William Christopher Ellis

Sophia Perlman


Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: Robert Naismith 2

Concerts on the streets: Piper 1

Street Music

Backyard Boys – Zipper (Recording Take)


Mike Bartolo



Justus Guitar


Justus Andrew 1


Justus Andrew 3


Justus Kinloch


Street Musicians From Texas (Him) and New York (Her). Really good ones.


Yusuke January


Steadmond Pardy, 2, 18, 2016


Stedmond Pardy -Ode To Liza Minnelli


Gay Pride 2011 Turbo Street Funk 1.AVI


Gay Pride 2011 Turbo Street Funk 2.AVI

Jacob On Caligari And Stravinsky


Doc MacLean



Turbo Street Punk


Frank Ryan


Canteen Knockout At The Dakota Tavern 1.MP4


Canteen Knockout Dakota Tavern 2


Reno Jack At Cinecycle, Toronto.


SPRAWLS: 11, 19, 2015, THE CENTRAL, 603 Markham street, Toronto, Ontario


Italian Girls At KID DRACULA June 23, 2013


Italian Girls At KID DRACULA June 23, 2013 2)


Man at KID DRACULA June 23, 2013


Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: Nick


Chris Crossroads 2 00066


Chris Crossroads 2 00067


Chris Crossroads 2 00068


Chris Crossroads 2 00069


Rochdale College Exhibit Hart House Toronto 03, 30, 2016 anaglyph 1



Sunday Wilde At Martin Heath’s Cinecycle, Toronto, January 17, 2017


Pascal ana


Reg Hartt Film Portrait: Vince Conaway Dulcimer Player


Yusuke Hasegawa 2


Aditya Shankar Dancing At World Pride Toronto


Aditya Shankar Dancing At world Pride Toronto 2



Kane & Morgan 1


Pride 2013 Church & Wellesley 9am 1)


Pride 2013 Church & Wellesley 9am 2)


Pride 2013 Church & Wellesley 9am 3)


Pride 2013 Church & Wellesley 9am 4)


Pride 2013 Church & Wellesley 9am 5)



Pride 2013 Church & Wellesley 9am 6)


Pablo Olivares August 8 2012 12 16 pm1

The Lights Go Out At Honest Ed’s Anaglyph 3D


World Pride Toronto June 28, 2014


Simple Damned Device Live At The Phoenix August 15, 2015.


Happy People At Kid Dracula


People at KID DRACULA Sunday, August 19, 2012


Bede & Leo.


Daniel Goddin Bike Repair


Ford Fest 2013 1 sbs 3D


Christopher Lee as The Monster from THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957)


The Death And Life Of Great American Cities




Jane Jacobs On Writing


We are mislead by universities


The Economy Of Cities


Cities And The Wealth Of Nations


Incompetent By The Time We Are Prepared





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