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“I had wonderful teachers in the first and second grades who taught me everything I know. After that, I’m afraid, the teachers were nice, but they were dopes…I have a lack of ideology, and not because I have an animus against any particular ideology; it’s just that they don’t make sense to me…they get in the way of thinking. I don’t see what use they are…University and uniformity, as ideals, have subtly influenced how people thought about education, politics, economics, government, everything…We are misled by universities and other intellectual institutions to believe that there are separate fields of knowledge. But it’s clear there are no separate fields of knowledge. It is a seamless web.”     -Jane Jacobs.


The City Of Toronto has been trying to shut down Reg Hartt’s Cineforum for decades. “Reg Hartt’s Cineforum is everything Jane Jacobs wrote about. She was a regular.”–Laura Lind, EYE Weekly. What makes Reg Hartt’s Cineforum everything Jane Jacobs wrote about is that the City Of Toronto steadfastly chooses to remain blind to its value.

The first event Jane Jacobs and her family went to when they arrived in Toronto in 1968 was a screening of the 1923 Lon Chaney HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME at Reg Hartt’s The Public Enemy on Yonge Street at Yorkville. The City Of Toronto shut down The Public Enemy shortly after. Reg Hartt served as Director Of Cinema Studies at Rochdale College in Toronto. Jane Jacobs was a regular. The City Of Toronto shut down Rochdale.

Cities need old buildings so badly it is probably impossible for vigorous streets and districts to grow without them…. for really new ideas of any kind–no matter how ultimately profitable or otherwise successful some of them might prove to be–there is no leeway for such chancy trial, error and experimentation in the high-overhead economy of new construction. Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings.
–Jane Jacobs

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