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Al Aronowitz at The Cineforum. It was Al’s favourite place on earth to give readings.

“But the fact remains that a large part of the space’s function is screening films for which attendees pay admission. Thus, according to Elizabeth Glibbery, the Toronto and East York Manager of the Municipal Licensing & Standards Division, it operates as a place of public assembly, for which the building is not zoned.  “[He is] inviting in people who may not be known to him,” Glibbery told us, when asked how a group of people gathered at the Cineforum differs from a group of friends gathered to watch a DVD at any other apartment in the Toronto.”  

When asked why I do what I do I reply, “Because of the people I meet.”

Here are just a few of the people I have met. Quite a few of them lived with me.


In 1968 on a rainy Saturday the family of Robert and Jane Jacobs walked into my life:      

That same year Judith Merril, the mother of modern speculative fiction, brought me into Rochdale College.

Ironically my high school principal had told me I had the wrong attitude and would starve in two weeks if I left school that day.” Had I not left I would have starved.


Pierre Berton gave his last public reading here. When asked by James Adams for THE GLOBE AND MAIL why Pierre Berton was giving a reading in Reg Hartt’s rowhouse on Bathurst Street, Berton’s agent replied, “Pierre loves Reg.”

Shirley Hughes, a regular at my programs in the 1970s and 1980, was inspired to create THE TORONTO SILENT FILM SOCIETY.

Heartbeat Graeme Kirkland drums. Vocals Reg Hartt

I filmed Occupy Toronto 2011 with my new 3D cameras. When I did a program of the videos only one person came. That was Jack Troughton. He had been part of Occupy Toronto. When he came here Jack was living in a tent under a bridge. That night he found a home. He feels its the best thing that has happened to him. It is certainly one of the best things that happened to me.

Karl Bustamante arrived here for THE SALVADOR DALI FILM FEST. Two years later he moved in. That was one of the best things that happened in my life. Through Karl I met Benjamin Edelberg whose Art Exhibition At Forgetus Collective, Toronto I filmed so his mother could see it.

Benjamin Edelberg Magnificent Obsessions @ Videofag

Dante Krysto, Daniel Goggin & Friends Hangin’ Out


Before transforming into a travelling troubadour he worked in the film industry, which eventually led him to the Cineforum, the legendary Toronto theatre run out of the film archivist Reg Hartt’s living room, and where Petunia lived and worked for a time. “The first time I saw him talk, I was sold,” Petunia said of Hartt. “We’ve been friends ever since. I learned everything I know about the business of being an artist from Reg. And believe it or not, I learned how to walk a little more gracefully from knowing him.”

Petunia & The Vipers Monarch Tavern Toronto Waltz (Filmed by Reg Hartt)

Petunia And The Vipers At The Burdock Music Hall 2D

Petunia @ The Cadillac Lounge, 11/19/2015 2D

The Hanged Man A Beautiful Day Richard K

Richard Karadza was one of the many who found a home here. Unfortunately he was overpowered by his demons:  The Hanged Man A Beautiful Day Richard K

Aditya Shankar At WORLD PRIDE TORONTO 2014

Adi came for my SEX & VIOLENCE CARTOON FESTIVAL. He was studying at UofT. Adi was from Bombay. He came out as queer at 8. Adi was head of GAY YOUTH INDIA. The battle against religious intolerance of homosexuals in India was fought from The Cineform. I am so proud of Adi.

Aditya Shankar Dancing

Aditya Shankar Dancing At world Pride Toronto 2

Aditya Dancing, Yusuke’s Sushi Party

Aditya Leaving On A Jet Plane 2

World Pride Toronto June 28, 2014

Donnarama Versace 3D

Donnerama called. S/he in a panic. Did I have room for her/him. I did. S/He was a spectacular resource person.

Chyps Nov 1, 2014 Concert Cineforum

Chyps came for KID DRACULA. I invited them to play here.

Andre Skinner came by for THE SURREALISM FILM FEST. He wound up living with me. He’s a superb artist.

Slow Death Light At The Rivoli 06-07-2017 Filmed by Reg Hartt

Slow Death Lights Anaglyph 3D Use Red And Blue Glasses. Filmed by Reg Hartt.

Andre had an earlier country and western band called CANTEEN KNOCKOUT:

SLOW DEATH LIGHT, Andre Skinner, Silver Dollar, August 27, 2015

Canteen Knockout At The Dakota Tavern 1.MP4

Canteen Knockout Dakota Tavern 2 .MP4

Peter Sumadh came to see Jean Cocteau’s film THE BLOOD OF A POET. He found his Muse here. Through Peter I found mine. Peter was invited to Charleville where he stayed in the house Arthur Rimbaud lived and slep in the bed Arthur Rimbaud slept in. He is also known as THE MAD DALTON. Thanks to Peter I was able to finish my Free Verse Re-telling of GILGAMESH.

Writers In Exile 4 Peter Sumadh (The Mad Dalton) 1.AVI

The Mad Dalton At The Cineforum

Yusuke Hasegawa At The Cineforum. Yusuke was only going to stay here for a couple of months. I met him by chance. He enriched my life for far longer.

Yusuke Hasegawa 4, 28, 2016   Anaglyph 3D. Filmed By Reg Hartt.


Le Patin Libre:

Alexandre Hamel was touring with Walt Disney on ice. He came to The Cineforum to see a show. He said, “Can I live here?” I answered, “Of course.”

Taylor Dilley On Discovering Le Patin Libre And The Cineforum


WizTheMC 2018 1 anaglyph (Filmed by Reg Hartt)

Wiz walked by the Cineforum one day when I was sitting outside. We talked. A few days later he emailed me that he had just been rendered homeless. I moved him in.—Reg Hartt

Wiz 1 08 09 2017 (Filmed by Reg Hartt in 3D)

From Robert Wharry’s work in progress BLEEDING HARTT

Grim Natwick Motion Picture Academy 1984 (Reg Hartt)

Reg Hartt presents Grim Natwick in Toronto (1980)

Reg Hartt presents Grim Natwick in Toronto (1982)

Reg Hartt presents Shamus Culhane at Sick Kids Hospital Toronto 1986

Reg Hartt presents Shamus Culhane, Toronto, 1986 4 Intro by Ellen Besen

Reg Hartt presents  Shamus Culhane, Toronto, 1986 plus My Daddy, The Astronaut

Reg Hartt presents  Shamus Culhane, Toronto, 1986 2

Reg Hartt presents Shamus Culhane, Toronto, 1986 Intro by Madeline Pengelly

Reg Hartt presents Shamus Culhane at Sheridan College

Reg Hartt Presents Bob Clampett Animation Workshop

Friz Freleng at Reg Hartt’s Cineforum, Toronto, Canada, 1980.

New Cats At The Cineforum 2D

Berlin & Askhim (Cats at The Cineforum)


Berlin died in my arms just moments after I turned off the camera. Part of me died with him. He was lovely.

Stedmond Pardy came for THE SALVADOR DALI SHOW. He lives here as my guest.

Stedmond Pardy Stress Men Prefer Curvy Women

Music Of Toronto’s Streets: Back Yard Boys 12, 3, 2015  Anaglyph 3D Filmed by Reg Hartt.

Sunday Wilde

Sunday Wilde At Martin Heath’s Cinecycle, Toronto, January 17, 2017. Filmed by Reg Hartt.

Sunday Wilde at The Cameron

Reno Jack Sunday Wilde

Dawson Paulson, Jessa Lee Rempel Orth on seeing Reno Jack at The Cineforum.

Daniel From Hungary sees Bela Lugosi In Dracula For The First Time

Chris Colledge in Eternity Forever (Music by The Strumbellas) Video by Reg Hartt.

Jane Jacobs Welcomes Bob Clampett to Toronto 1979.

Reg Hartt Film Portrait: Vince Conaway Dulcimer Player

Chris Crossroads

Chris Crossroads 2 00067

Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: Kyle Chivers At The Cineforum

Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: Robert Naismith 2

I met Bobby at Rochdale College. One day a few years back while posting flyers I saw Bobby. We walked and talked. I found out he was homeless. I said, “PI have room for you.” Bobby said, “I have no money.” I said, “I know.”

Bobby got his feet on the ground. He lived here quite a while. Bobby got struck with cancer. It was touch and go but he pulled through. He astound everyone with his performance in KRAPP’S LAST TAPE. A helluva lot of good came out of Rochdale College.

Review: Krapp’s Last Tape (Theatre Passe Muraille)

A lot of good came out of Rochdale College. I am immensely proud of my time spent there.

Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: Kevin Clarke, Yonge And Bloor Kevin is a superb speaker and a hero.

Reg Hartt 3D Film Portrait: John Robert Colombo

Reg Hartt Film Portrait: Lawrence Richard Rutherford III

When THE CINEFORUM died it was broughtto life through the office of then Mayor Rob Ford.


Ford Fest Etobicoke 2012

Ford Fest 2013 1 sbs 3D


Ford Fest Scarborough 3D Full Version

Spiderman Toronto Anaglyph

Mark came for a movie and became a friend.

Why Does A Rolling Stone Gather No Moss?

Vincent Morrissette came to a show and moved in.

July 21, 2014

Toronto Has No Hartt (Song By Petunia and The Vipers)

The City Of Toronto has been doing everything it can and could think of to force me to close my door. As Jane Jacobs wrote in THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES the use of sex scandals is a regular tactic.

In 1968 I discovered THE I CHING. Once I read it I knew I had no choice but to do my best to live the life it calls us to.

I now find I have to be stronger than I ever imagined I could be.

Happy Birthday Orchestra

Jane Jacobs is most famous for her book THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES. Her last book, DARK AGE AHEAD, is must reading. She was my friend from her arrival in Toronto in 1968. Her children say to me when we meet, “Our mother loved you.” I love her. Al Aronowitz was the only journalist THE BEATLES would speak with when they played SHEA STADIUM. Al brought along Bob Dylan. He turned THE BEATLES on to pot. He was the most important writer ever on the pop music scene. THE CINEFORUM was Al’s home in Toronto.

Dali and his cook book.

One day by chance I met a drunken Australian new to Toronto. He needed a home. He cooked me a dinner from THE SALVADOR DALI COOK BOOK.

Judith Merril, Reg Hartt, THE SALVADOR DALI DINER prepared by Marc Sleep.

James Warren’s magazine FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND opened doors in my mind as no other publication ever did. I brought FM editor Forrest J Ackerman to Toronto. The great FOURE hung out at The Cineforum. Forry invited strangers into his home. It became a mecca. I went there.

Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury and Forrest J Ackerman snuck into movies as kids and thankfully they stayed kids all their lives.

Forrest Ackerman “The Wizzard” and some of the monsters that inhabit his mansion. (1969)

The awesomely endowed Bobby Naismith of whom John “Lone Wolf” Sullivan said, “I dreamed of sucking his cock.” Xaviera Hollander did not dream. She gave Bobby what heads of state had paid fortunes for.

Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick. While everyone else keeps her in the 1930s Grim brought Betty into the 1980s. This painting, a gift from Grim, hangs in my home in Toronto. I had the great pleasure of killing a bottle of scotch with Grim in his home after a tribute in Hollywood at The Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences. In his youth Grim had been a lumberjack. Then 97 he could still drink like one. It was one helluva inspirational night. I learned much.

Chuck Jones is one of the great masters of the animated cartoon. This card was sent to me on the last Christmas of his life. Local animation artists avoid my program because I speak. Not one of them is even close to the caliber of a Chuck Jones.

Reg Hartt when he arrived in Toronto in the winter of 1965. He had no place to stay because the friend he thought he had wasn’t. That morning Hartt’s high school principal had told him, “You have the wrong attitude. Leave this school today and you will starve in two weeks.” Had Hartt not left he would have starved.

Mark Sleep with Owen Hartt, father of Reg Hartt.

The legendary Forrest J Ackerman at The Cineforum.

My very great friend Simon Waegemaekers, creator of THE MUSEUM FOR TEXTILES. He has done a lot for this city. He has done a lot for me. He has done a lot for many.

Mike Jitlov, Forrest J Ackerman, Reg Hartt.

My dad. He was a strong man.

John Tutt, owner of the most beautiful cinema in Canada, THE PRINCESS in Waterloo. I performed there often.

The amazing artist Runt.

George and Spike. They saved my life.

Mark Sleep, Spike, my Dad.

Petunia when he first came here.  Bruno Weckerle. I met him by chance. His father had said, “My way or the highway.” The highway brought him to me. Through Bruno I discovered THE I CHING. When I read it I knew I had to live it. Bruno (Buzz) was in the band LEIGH ASHFORD. When he died I felt his passing. I went to his funeral. His sister said, “Bruno counted meeting you as one of the worthwhile things that happened in his life.”

Postcard from Emo Philips.

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