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Jane Jacobs: Speak about what you want.

Two of the people who arrived here for my JANE JACOBS presentation stormed out. “You are not saying what we came to hear!” they shouted adding, “This is nothing about Jane Jacobs.

It was. It very much was.

A person who came to interview me asked to see the film I show as part of this program. When it was over the person said in surprise, “She said everything you did!”

I corrected them. I said, “You have it wrong. I said everything she did.”

Most folks are wrong in their understanding of the ideas of Jane Jacobs:

Lawrence Solomon: I knew Jane Jacobs, and everything urban lefties say about her is wrong:

Toronto’s government constantly proclaims its belief in the Gospel of Jane Jacobs. But bureaucrats can’t see the value in the kind of fascinating, eccentric home Hartt keeps. Instead, they try to shut him down in the very year they are loudly celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jacobs’ birth. If they understood the first thing about Jacobs’ work, they would let Hartt continue to develop his own.

The thing is they don’t and they won’t.

–Reg Hartt 2019–05–30.

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