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Reg Hartt has been standing up to hate from the moment he was born. One day when they were both drunk beyond drunk Hartt’s father said to him, “I have hated you from the moment you were born as in that second I realized I had to die.”

For decades posters have been put up around Toronto designed to bring violence down upon him:

Hate messages have been left on his phone:

City Councillor Joe Cressy when first running for office said to Reg Hartt in his home, “I have seen those posters attacking you. They are hate. Why aren’t the police doing something?”

Reg Hartt said, “When you get into office you do something, not for me but for everyone.”

Joe’s office has done nothing. Joe’s office has said there is nothing they can do.

The City Of Toronto’s mayor has said there is nothing they can do.

Reg Hartt has no problem with those who say they can do nothing.

Ed Keenan, of THE TORONTO STAR, said, “Reg, you are the only man in this city who stands up.”

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