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TIFF is great. TIFF is wonderful.

However there is much more to Toronto than TIFF.

The problem is that the places TIFF recommends are the places who buy ads in their guides.

They are necessarily the best place to go. All too often they are the worst place to go.

If you like myself love pizza then please don’t judge Toronto by pizza chain pizza.

The best pizzas (like the best of everything) don’t come from chain Pizzas.

Is there a chain Pizza you can trust in Toronto.

Yes, there is.

That one is Pizza Nova. You can find their locations all over the city. Pizza Nova is the only chain pizza I buy pizza from. They never disappoint.

If you want, however the epitome of Toronto Pizza there are two places that stand out over all others to my taste buds.

Those two places are Regina Pizza and Pizza Fresca both on College street in Toronto.

These places meet the Harlan Ellison standard. If you know anything about Ellison you know the standards Harlan set are extremely high.

Regina Pizzeria & Trattoria

Fresca Pizza (Italia Pizza with a Vietnamese twist)

For Italian sandwiches San Francesco used to be absolutely awesome. For some reason now they are not but they are still very good:

The absolute best is California Sandwiches. You can be forgiven for thinking that with a name like that they would not be but wait until you taste their sandwiches:  .

If you want folks to bite into a slice or a sandwich and stop and say, “Hey, this is good!” these are the folk to trust.

These folk don’t know me from Adam. I’m just one among their many regulars.

When you go to Pizza Nova, Regina Pizza, Pizza Fresca, San Francesco or California Sandwiches tell them, “Reg Hartt sent me. He says you are the best.”

Don’t waste your money on the rest.

They are.–Reg Hartt 2019–08–24.

Reg Hartt is recognized as one of the fifty best male speakers of all time. You won’t hear him at TIFF. Only at The Cineforum.

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