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The Cineforum, 463 Bathurst, Toronto. Donation $20.

In 1970 in Hollywood I experienced a series of epiphanies which led me not only to have a change of heart for the better but also and more importantly to trust God absolutely.

I returned to Toronto dirt poor. I am still dirt poor.

In 1970 I was an unknown.

Today I find I am listed among the top 50 greatest male speakers of all time.

Faith has brought me this far. Faith will take me farther.

THE TURIN SHROUD was created by no means known to man.

It has much to teach those of us who will listen.

As for those who will not no one can teach them.

Join me at 5pm today and every Sunday after.

–Reg Hartt                                                                                                      Rebellion is not a sin. It is a sign of intelligence and of having a backbone.

Come not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and overlook…                         but to weigh and consider. (After Francis Bacon)

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