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David Chu is a Canadian photo journalist who fell afoul of a police officer when he was working.

As a result of being jailed David lost his place of residence.

I have allowed him to stay at my home as a guest.

I made it clear to David he can not live here as a tenant.

City of Toronto Zoning Officers made it clear to me that if I have more tenants than City Bylaws allow I will be in big trouble.

David needs a place he can call home at least for a while.

His financial situation is that it does not exist.

He lost all of his identification while in police custody.

David needs a room he can call his own while he slowly pieces his life back together.

If you can help him please contact him on Facebook.

Had I not brought him in as a guest David would have been homeless.

He was terrifically angry when he came here.

He had a right to be angry but anger closes doors.

David is a lot cooler now. He has had a chance to collect himself.

Hopefully one of his many friends has a corner for him.

All it takes is one to do as I did, open your door.

It is so easy to fall. It can be so hard to get back up.

Thank you.–Reg Hartt (416-603–6643)


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