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I read Tuesday Lobsang Rampa’s book YOU FOREVER around 1967. Having nothing better to do I tried the exercise highlighted in yellow. To my surprise it worked.

Rampa was Cyril Henry Hoskin (8 April 1910 – 25 January 1981), a plumber from Plympton in Devon who claimed that his body hosted the spirit of a Tibetan lama going by the name of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, who is purported to have authored the books. The name Tuesday relates to a claim in The Third Eye that Tibetans are named after the day of the week on which they were born.



It is so much easier to engage in astral travelling, clairvoyance and similar metaphysical pursuits if a suitable foundation is prepared first. Metaphysical training needs practice, considerable, constant practice. It is not possible to read a few printed instructions and then immediately without practice to go off on a far far journey in the astral. You must practice constantly. No person would expect a garden to grow unless the seeds were planted in suitable ground. It would be most unusual for a beautiful rose to grow out of a granite rock. Wherefore it appears that you cannot expect clairvoyance, nor any occult art whatever, to bloom where the mind is closed and sealed, where the mind is a constant jangle of ill-connected thoughts. We are later going to deal more extensively with quietude because the present-day clutter of irrelevant thoughts and the constant blare of radio and television really is stifling metaphysical talents. The Sages of Old exhorted “Be still and know that I am within.”The old sages devoted almost a lifetime to metaphysical research before committing a single word to paper. Again, they withdrew into the wilderness, into a place where there was no noise of so-called civilization, where they were free of distractions, where no one could drop a bucket or a bottle!


You have the advantage that you can take much benefit from the lifetime experiences of the men of old, and you can take advantage of all this without having to spend most of your life in study! If you are serious, and if you were not serious you would not be reading this, you will want to prepare yourself, to make yourself ready for the speedy unfolding of the spirit, and the best way to do it is to relax first. Most people have no idea of what is meant by the word “relax.”They think if they slump in a chair that is good enough, but it is not. To relax you must let the whole of your body become pliant, you must make sure that all muscles are without tension. You cannot do better than to study a cat, see how the cat completely “lets go.” The cat will come in, turn round a few times, and then go down into a more or less shapeless heap. The cat does not bother at all about wondering if a few inches of leg is showing, or if one is looking ungraceful; a cat comes in to rest, to relax, and relaxation is thus the only thought in the cat’s mind. A cat can flop down and be instantly asleep. Probably everyone knows that a cat can see things which humans cannot. That is because the cat’s perceptions are higher up on our “keyboard,” and thus it can see into the astral at all times, and a journey in the astral for a cat is no more than it would be for us to cross the room. Let us, then, emulate a cat because then we shall be on firm ground, and we can build our structure of metaphysical knowledge on a sound and enduring basis.


Do you know how to relax? Could you without any further instructions become pliant, able to pick up impressions? This is how we would do it; lie down in any position which is comfortable. If you want to have your legs outspread, or your arms outspread—spread them out. The whole art of relaxing is to be completely and utterly comfortable. It will be much better if you relax in the privacy of your own room, because many people, particularly women, do not like anyone to see them in what they wrongly imagine is an ungraceful attitude, and to relax you have to forget all about conventional grace, and, indeed, all about conventions. Imagine that your body is an island peopled by very small persons who are always obedient to your commands. You can think, if you like, that your body is some vast industrial estate with highly trained, highly obedient technicians at the various controls and “nerve centres” which make up your body. Then when you want to relax, tell these people that the factory is being shut down, tell them that your present desire is that they leave you, that they “shut down” their machines and their “nerve centres,” and go away for the time being. Lying comfortably, deliberately imagine a host of these small people in your toes, in your feet, in your knees—everywhere in fact. Picture yourself gazing down upon your body and upon all these little people who are pulling up on your muscles and causing your nerves to twitch. Gaze down upon them as if you were some great figure high, high in the sky, look upon these people, and then address them from your mind. Tell them to come out of your feet, leave your legs, command them to march away from your hands and from your arms, tell them to congregate in the space between your umbilicus and the end of your sternum. The sternum, let us remind you, is the end of the breastbone. If you run your fingers down the middle of your body, between your ribs, you will find that there is a bar of hard material, and that is actually the sternum. Run your fingers down a little further until the material ends. So—between that spot and your umbilicus is the designated spot. Command all these little people to congregate on that space, imagine that you can see them marching up your limbs up your body in their serried ranks like workers leaving a busy factory at the end of the day. In coming to the designated spot they will have deserted your legs and your arms, and so these limbs will be without tension, without feeling even, for these little people are the ones who make your machinery work, the ones who feed the relay stations and the nerve centers. Your arms and legs, then, will be not precisely numb, but without any feeling of tenseness, without any feeling of tiredness, we might say that they will be almost “not there.”Now you have all your little people congregating in the prearranged space like a lot of factory workers attending a political rally! Gaze upon them in your imagination for a few moments, let your gaze encompass all of them, then firmly, confidently, tell them to get off, tell them to leave your body until you instruct them to return. Tell them to go along the Silver Cord and away from you. They must leave you in peace while you meditate, while you relax. Picture to yourself that Silver Cord stretching away from your physical body out into the great realms beyond. Picture to yourself that the Silver Cord is like a tunnel, like a subway, and imagine all the rush-hour travelers in a city such as London or New York or Moscow—imagine them all leaving the city at once and going out into the suburbs, think of trainload after trainload taking all these workers away leaving the city comparatively quiet. MAKE these little people do that to you—it is very easy with practice!—then you will be quite without tension, your nerves will no longer be a-jangle, and your muscles will no longer be tense. Just lie quiet, let your mind “tick over.” It does not matter what you think about, it does not matter even if you do not think. Let that go on for a few moments while you breathe slowly, steadily, then dismiss those thoughts in much the same way as you dismissed your “factory workers.”Humans are so busy with their petty little thoughts that they have no time for the greater things of the Greater Life.


People are so busy wondering about when the next sale is held or how many trading coupons are given free this week or what is happening on the television, that they have no time for dealing with the things that really matter. All these mundane everyday things are completely trivial. Will it matter in fifty years time that so-and-so’s were selling dress lengths at below cost today? But it will matter to you in fifty years time how you progress now, for keep this thought in mind; no man or woman has ever succeeded in taking a single penny beyond this life, yet every man and woman takes the knowledge which they have gained in this life to the next life. That is why people are here, and if you are going to take worthwhile knowledge to the other side, or just a useless clutter of unrelated thoughts, is a matter which should engage your earnest attention. So—this Course is useful to you, it can affect your whole future! It is thought—reason—which keeps humans in their very inferior present position. Humans talk about their reason, and say it distinguishes them from the animals; it does—indeed it does! What other creatures but humans throw atom bombs at each other? What other creatures publicly disembowel prisoners-of-war or deprive them of very useful appurtenances? Can you think of any creature except a human who mutilates men and women in such spectacular fashion?


Humans, in spite of their vaunted superiority, are in many respects lower than the lowest beasts of the field. That is because humans have wrong values, humans crave after money only, crave after the material things of this mundane life, whereas the things that matter after this life are the immaterial things which we are trying to teach you! Let your thoughts be switched off now that you are relaxing, make your mind receptive. If you will practice and practice again, you will find that you can switch off the endless empty thoughts which clutter you, and you can instead perceive true realities, you can perceive the things of different planes of existence, but these things are so completely alien to life on Earth—so pleasantly alien, too —that there are no concrete terms with which to describe the abstract. Only practice is needed before you, too, can see the things of the future. There are certain great men who can drop off to sleep for a few moments and within minutes can again awaken refreshed, and with inspiration shining from their eyes.


These are people who can switch off their thoughts at will, and tune in and pick up the knowledge of the Spheres. This also you can do with practice. It is very very harmful indeed for those who desire spiritual development to engage in the ordinary, useless, empty round of social life. Cocktail parties—one can hardly think of a worse pastime for those who are trying to develop. Drink, spirits and alcohol, impair one’s psychic judgement, they may even drive one into the lower astral where one can be tormented by the entities who delight in catching humans in a stage where they cannot even think clearly. They find it most amusing. But parties, and the usual social round with the senseless chatter of empty minds trying to disguise the fact that their minds are empty, is a painful sight for those who are trying to progress. You can only progress if you keep clear of these shallow-minded people whose greatest thought is how many cocktails they can drink at any given gathering, or who prefer to chatter inanely about other person’s troubles. We believe in the communion of the souls, we believe that two people can remain together physically silent, no words need be said, yet these people commune telepathically by “rapport.” The thought of one evokes a response in the other. It has been noted that at times two very old people who have lived together for many years as man and wife can anticipate the thoughts of each other. These old people, truly in love, do not engage in senseless babble or small talk; they sit together picking up silently the message flowing from one brain to another. They have learned too late of the benefits which come to one from the silent communion, they have learned “too late” because old people are, literally, at the end of life’s journey.


You can do it while still young. It is possible for a small group of people, thinking constructively, to alter the whole course of the world’s events. Unfortunately it is too difficult to get a small group of people who are so unselfish, so unselfcentred, that they can switch off their own selfish thoughts and concentrate only on the good of the world. We say now that if you and your friends will get together and will form a circle, each one of you sitting comfortably at full ease, and facing each other, you can do very great good for yourself and for other people. Each person should have his or her toes touching. Each person should have his or her hands clasped together. No person should touch another, of course, but each one should be as a separate physical unit.


Remember the old Jews, the very old Jews; they well knew that if they were bargaining they should stand with their feet together and their hands clasped because then the vital forces of the body were conserved. An old Jew, trying to drive a hard bargain, always got the better of the bargain if he stood in that particular manner and his opponent did not. He did not stand that way through cringing subservience, as many people imagine, but because he knew how to conserve and utilize his body forces. When he had achieved his objective, then he could throw his hands wide and stand with legs apart, no longer need he conserve his forces for the “attack” for he was the victor. Having attained his end he could stand relaxed.


If each of you in your group keep your feet and your hands together, each of you will conserve body energy. It is much the same as having a magnet and placing a “keeper” across the poles in order to save the magnetic force without which the magnet would be just a lump of idle metal. Your group should sit in a circle, all more or less gazing at space in the centre of the circle, preferably at a space on the floor because then heads will be slightly tilted down, and that is more restful and more natural. Do not talk, just sit—be SURE you do not talk. You have already decided on the theme of your thoughts so no further talk is necessary. Sit like that for some minutes. Gradually each one of you will feel a great peace stealing in upon you, each one of you will feel as if you are being flooded with an inner light. You will have truly spiritual enlightenment, and will feel that you are “One with the Universe.”Church services are designed with that in mind. Remember that the early priests of all the churches were quite good psychologists, they knew how to formulate things in order to get desired results. It is known that one cannot keep a whole crowd of people quiet without constant direction, and so there is music and directed thought in the form of prayers. If a priest of any sort is standing where all eyes can focus upon him as he says certain things, then he has gained the attention of every person in the audience or congregation, their thoughts are all directed to a certain purpose. This is an inferior way of doing it, but a way which is necessary for mass production among a people who will not devote the time or energy necessary for greater development on other lines.


You and your friends can, if you wish, get far better results by sitting in your little group, and sitting in silence. Sit in silence, each one of you trying to relax, each one of you thinking of pure things or thinking of the designated item. Never mind about last week’s grocery bills which you have not yet paid, never mind about wondering what the next season’s fashions are going to be; think, instead, of raising your vibrations so that you may perceive the goodness, the greatness, which is in the life to come. We talk too much, all of us, we let our brains clatter away like machines which have no thought. If we relax, if we remain alone more and talk less when we are in the company of others, then thoughts of a greater purity than we can now imagine come flooding in upon us to uplift our souls. Some of the old country people who were alone all day had far greater purity of thoughts than any person in the cities of the world.


Shepherds, while by no means educated people, had a degree of spiritual purity which many of the priests of high degree would envy. That is because they had time to be alone, time to ponder, and when they were tired of pondering their minds would go blank and the greater thoughts from “beyond” would enter. Why not practice for half an hour every day. Practice sitting or reclining, and remember you must be quite fully at ease. Let your mind become still. Remember “Be still and know that I am God” is one saying. Another is “Be still and know the I within.” Practice in this manner. Let yourself remain free of thought, let yourself remain free of worries and of doubts, and you will find that within a month you are more poised, you are uplifted, you are quite a different person. We cannot end this lesson without referring once again to parties and idle talk.


In some finishing schools it is taught that one must have “small talk” in order to be a good host or hostess. The idea seems to be roughly that guests must never be left for one moment in silence in case their own personal thoughts are so murky that their outlook would become cluttered. We say, on the contrary, that in providing silence we should be providing one of the most precious things upon this Earth, for in the modern world there is no longer silence, there is the constant roar of traffic, the constant shrieking of aircraft overhead, and over all the insensate blare of radio and television. This can lead to the Fall of Man once again. You, by providing an oasis of quiet and peace and tranquility, can do much for yourself and for your fellow-men. Will you try for a day, and see how quiet you can be? See how little you can talk. Say only that which is necessary and avoid all that which is irrelevant, avoid all that which is merely senseless gossip and chatter. If you do this consciously and deliberately you will be quite shocked at the day’s end at how much you normally say which really does not matter in the least. We have been on a lot about chatter and noise, and if you will practice silence you will find that there, too, we are right.


Many of the Religious Orders have Orders of silence, many of the monks and nuns are commanded to keep silence, and the authorities do not do this as a punishment, they do it because they know that only in silence can one hear the voices of the Great Beyond.


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