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One of the fellows who lives with me has friends over every night.

They drink, talk about what is important to them and socialize.

I like his friends.

Yesterday I told him, “This has to stop.”

“We’ve been meeting for years,” he said.

I said, “It has to stop.”

It didn’t.

Last night I had to tell his friends to leave.

They did not like it.

I’m writing this because mine is not an isolated case.

Unfortunately, in all likelihood, it is an all too common one.

South Korea has got this more under control than any other nation on earth.

We all need to follow their lead.

Every one of us has had our life completely uprooted.

What we must accept is that the world that we knew has died.

If this acceptance means you have to be the responsible adult in your home be it.

As a result you very likely will be hated.

You will also be doing what has to be done to save lives.

For me, that is worth being hated.

Our Prime Minister is doing a great job.

For him the enormity of this has hit home with the quarantine of his wife.

He knows personally what must be done if we are to come through this.

This crisis means sacrifice.

The City of Toronto says we will get a 60 day window to pay our bills.

60 days is going to do nothing for the countless numbers of people who now find themselves unable to work.

120 days will do nothing.

360 days will do nothing.

Stringent measures are required to get through this.

Without them this battle will be lost completely.

Those who think only of themselves will find themselves left behind.

The election in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has to be called off.


The answer should be appallingly obvious.

Our opposition parties in Canada must come together for the good of the nation.

The enemy we are facing is the worst one we have faced up to now.

We will not defeat that enemy by being divided.

Yesterday I biked to NOFRILLS to buy my allowed two packages of toilet paper.

They did not have it. The shipment did not arrive.

The FRESHCO across the street is out of it.

Every store I went to is out of it.

I ordered a portable bidet from Amazon.

Now, unless the city cuts off my water, I can clean my ass.

That is as basic as it gets.

It’s a better solution because no matter how much toilet paper we hoard, the supply is going to run out.

From the highest level of government to the beggar on the street we are now in the battle of our lives.

When Attila The Hun arrived at the gates of Rome he demanded everything from everyone within Rome’s walls.

They said, “What will that leave us.”

Attila said, “Your lives.”

We now face an enemy more deadly than Attila The Hun, more deadly than Adolf Hitler.

This enemy will not be satisfied with our possessions.

This enemy wants our lives.

All of our plans are cancelled.

There are going to be no more concerts in bars, halls, stadiums. Justin Bieber is not going to tour. Gordie Lightfoot is not going to tour. Lady Gaga and Madonna are now jobless.

There will be no more going to the movies, the ballet, the opera, the theater.

Film production has stopped in many places. Eventually it will all stop. We will be able to look at all we have. We will not be able to add to it.

Our schools are not going to re-open.

Our Prime Minister has said this shut down is going to last a lot longer than a few weeks.

He’s right.

In The United States the figure is 18 months.

I figure, if we are lucky, three years.

Whether it is three months or three years one thing is clear.

Our governments have to completely rethink governing.

The global economy came to a crashing halt.

That includes the underground economy of the drug trade.

The government has asked us to make a sacrifice.

Many of us made it before we were asked, before we were told to. We looked at what is coming. We made the hard choice of our own choosing.

Now it’s time for the governments of the world to make the same hard choice.

Italy put on the blinders.

Important people partied in the streets. They said, “Follow our example. There is nothing to fear.”

Now Italy is paying the price.

Bodies are piled up awaiting burial.

Funerals are outlawed.

Who’s going to pay the hydro bill, the utility bill, the water bill, the food bill, the…?

Who’s going to pay the bill?

The men and women in our prisons must be freed. If not the infection will take them all like some episode of THE WALKING DEAD except these dead will be rotting not walking.

The world we lived in is now in ashes under our feet.

Nonetheless, those of us who take charge of our lives, who take charge of our responsibility to take care of the world around us will rise from the ashes of our dead world like the  fabled phoenix of myth.

We are all called to sacrifice.

Many think the word sacrifice means to give up something we want for something we don’t want.

It does not.

It means to give up the lesser for the better.

What is better than our lives?

This is what Rome did when faced with Attila The Hun who died surrounded by the loot he had hoarded.

Rome lives.

Tomorrow belongs to us.

–Reg Hartt 2020–03–20.



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