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When 3-D TV was introduced there was not much to see which I think is the main reason it did not catch on.

But why watch 3-D movies on a TV screen no matter how big when you can see them on a BIG screen with a 3-D projector?

I have perhaps the best set-up for viewing 3D movies at home or in a theater (The Cineforum being a combination of both) in Canada and perhaps in the world.

I also have one of the world’s largest 3D movie archives.

Reg Hartt films THE MAD DALTON (Peter Sumadh) in 3D at The CineForum: . 

3-D was made for birds, bugs and fish. I love watching birds, bugs and fish in 3-D. Thankfully there are now many great 3-D documentaries (many in Imax).

Hollywood and the rest of the world continues to make new 3-D movies.

Thanks to the people at THE 3-D FILM ARCHIVE many classic 3-D movies have been restored. They look better than when they were first shown.

Twilight Time had some great 3-D releases that are out there. After years of waiting I finally saw Rita Hayworth in 3-D in SADIE THOMPSON. Wow!

We’re in for a long haul here.

Below I have listed the best sources for 3-D movies, etcetera.

Now while life is getting flat add an extra dimension.

–Reg Hartt

P.S. I converted my field sequential dvd 3D collection to over/under Blu-ray. If there’s a title you must have and can’t find get in touch.

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, 1954, artwork promoting 3-D special effects

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, 1954, artwork promoting 3-D special effects



























Brian May’s Brief History Of 3D

Brian May (of QUEEN) shares my enthusiasm for 3-D. This documentary (in 3-D) is a must see.

3-D Film Archive

These are the people who make classic 3-D movies look better than when first seen.

Los Angeles 3D Club

Illustrated 3-D Movie List

3-D Movie Maker

Peter Wimmer 3D


The 3-D Film Archive site on Facebook is the place to be.


3D Books

I befriended Ray 3-D Zone on the web. His books are well written and easy to read.

Stereoscopic Cinema and the Origins of 3-D Film, 1838-1952 by Ray Zone

3-D Revolution: The History of Modern Stereoscopic Cinema Hardcover – July 6, 2012

by Ray Zone

What you need:

3D Blu-ray players

3-D Projectors

3-D needs light, lots of light. The brighter the better.

3-D Glasses

3-D Blu-rays

The Kino-Lorber 3-D Archive Collection

The Flicker Alley 3-D Archive Collection




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