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In ancient times people said, “Always welcome the stranger. He could be one of the gods in disguise.”

Christians once said, “Always welcome the stranger. He could be Christ.”

I welcome the stranger for his/her own sake.

WiztheMC (Sanele Sydow) is one of the many strangers who have graced my home.

For a time he lived here. What a time that was.

For decades one man has been doing all he can to bring harm to myself. Nothing I can do about that. People do what they do.

In 1968 I started studying an ancient Chinese oracle, THE I CHING:  .

In it in 1968 I read, “Thunder on the mountain is different from thunder on the plain. In the mountains, thunder seems much nearer; outside the mountains, it is less audible than the thunder of an ordinary storm. Thus the superior man derives an imperative from this image: he must always fix his eyes more closely and more directly on duty than does the ordinary man, even though this might make his behavior seem petty to the outside world. He is exceptionally conscientious in his actions. In bereavement emotion means more to him than ceremoniousness. In all his personal expenditures he is extremely simple and unpretentious. In comparison with the man of the masses, all this makes him stand out as exceptional. But the essential significance of his attitude lies in the fact that in external matters he is on the side of the lowly.”

Not the high. Not the mighty. Not the powerful. Not the rich.

The lowly.

That you may know I am not making a false claim read this from Canada’s newspaper of record:   .

Yesterday my friend David Chu, a news photographer, posted a picture on his post of posters smearing myself.

That night I got an email from a lawyer who had sent me an email in October, 2018 saying, “I’d love to learn more about your business. If you have a moment, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself!”

The lawyer told me to get in touch with him. I thought perhaps he had seen the posting on David’s post. I called him. He said coldly, “It’s 9:30. Call me Monday at the office after 9:30.”

So I did.

Turned out he was interested only in helping himself.

Before I called him I consulted THE I CHING. It said, “You hold with unworthy allies.”

Won’t be calling him again.

Right now I’m, thanks to the poison that has been spread, in the fight of my life.

Ed Keenan of THE TORONTO STAR, said, “Reg, you are the only man in Toronto who stands up.”

I’ve been standing up and standing alone for a long time.

Don’t feel sorry for me.

THE I CHING teaches, “The superior man, when he stands alone, Is unconcerned, And if he has to renounce the world, He is undaunted.” 

Most think the real work I do is showing old movies.

It is not.

Three remarkable women I met through my work, Jane Jacobs, Judith Merril and Doris Mehegan, taught me that when we see something wrong and do nothing we kill our soul. These women were atheists.

When we see something wrong and do nothing we kill our soul.

That’s a powerful statement.

Today that lawyer chose to do nothing.

That is not my problem. It is his.

Sunday I got an email from my lawyer’s office. It said I have to pay them a lot of money I don’t have or I will have to stand alone.

What does THE I CHING say? It says, “”The superior man, when he stands alone, Is unconcerned, And if he has to renounce the world, He is undaunted.” 

–Reg Hartt (Donations can be sent to

Here is WiztheMC. I’m real proud of him.

Always welcome the stranger. Now more than ever.


I arrived in Toronto with no plan, four booked nights in a Hostel and a lot of music equipment.

I planned on staying 67 days in Canada.

Now 80 days have passed and I’m not planning on leaving.

​My name is Sanele, but I go by the name of Wiz for two reasons.

It’s my artist name and people don’t ask five times how to pronounce it right.

So let’s start at the beginning.

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa on the 4th of January 1999.

2001 I moved to Germany with my mother and my older brother.

Since then I’ve lived in the ”Lüner Weg”, a legendary street in Lüneburg/ Salt City, my German hometown.

​I wrote my first verses on the 11th of December 2014, when me and my homie Shaq were wondering how all the rappers started, because it doesn’t make sense that they all started out being good at it, right?

So we downloaded a beat from youtube and wrote something down for a couple minutes, recorded it and it turnt out to be complete TRASH, but we felt like 2 chainz and Tyga and that’s all that matters. HOW  YOU  FEEL about it.

To the second song we did, we even made a music video, which is on youtube, but to make it more exciting you gotta find it yourself.

So after we did our first songs, we, the nohomes, my gang, met up frequently and did songs together.

We spend most summer days of 2015 in the ‘Studio’, until the cold days came and I was the only one still writing verses and recording myself.

Thats when I noticed, oh I’m doing music.

Around that time I also went to youtube and searched : ,,how to rap better than your friends?”, because I mean who doesn’t want to know that.

I watched couple of videos and here I am.

Jokes aside.

Spending most of my time doing music, eventually daily, had my mind in a different space, a better space.

Around that time I also decided not to spend an extra year in school, which could’ve gotten me a better degree, for a ‘better’ future.

I somehow I believed I could do something with this rapping, although I never told anybody. It was the vibe when I was working on my music, or these moments when I was completely caught up in a flow of creating something, that got me thinking that there has to be more out there then just learning and working for other people.

A little throwback to the summer of 2014, when I was sitting at a lake with a girl, actually my crush at that time (shoutouts) and we were talking about the school system and future and all this stuff, when I told her something like this: ,,[…] we know so little about the universe, although we see the stars and the sky all the time and the teachers in our school want us to believe the only way to live our life is to obey and study and stuff, I want to do something bigger, I don’t know what but I thought of dropping out of school […]”

I still can’t believe I said that at the age of 15, but that kinda sparked the idea of doing something different. At the same time it was the moment when the universe started to give me all kinds of blessings and lessons for my journey.

And thats also one of the reasons why I believe in God. But that’s another Story.

With the time I got more into music, I became more ignorant at school and teachers were ‘worried about my future’ cause they ‘knew my potential’.

Well, I didn’t care.

And the teachers also started to care less after they saw me performing at my school in August 2016, when I released my debut Mixtape ‘Painting a Picture’

In October 2016 I decided to plan a trip after my graduation, which was in June 2017.

I really just wanted to get out of Germany to see what’s out there.

I still don’t know why I chose Canada, but two of the main reasons were that a lot of people told me that Canadians were very nice people (which I can now approve) and because I found a cheap flight.

So I booked the flight to Toronto in October 2016.

Months past and I almost forgot about it, but with the new year, the date came closer and closer and I didn’t know anything about Canada nor Toronto.

I almost even changed my plans, because of a girl I met in April.

In May I had to tell my boss at work, that I will be off work for another 2 months for Canada, after already missing out on 3 weeks, because of my final class trip which was also in June.

In that same conversation with my boss I also mentioned that I might never come back and do things in Canada, which was only a fantasy back then.

I arrived in Toronto with no plan, four booked nights in a Hostel and a lot of music equipment.

I had no idea at all what to do or where to live after these 4 nights at the hostel, but I believe if you are put in a situation where you have to choose from all possible options, the right one will appear naturally.

So on the 3rd day I was walking out of the hostel, literally thinking: ,,let’s see who I will meet today”.

3 minutes later I spot some basketball players fooling around on the streets, I approached them, I had my camera with me, did some photos, we talked and ending up smoking blunts in their flat.

They were professional basketball players out of the U.S.A.

I got cool with them and lived with them for a month after my hostel days were over.

I filmed and edited their games, to live at their spot.

With JT, one out of the basketball players, I even recorded a whole mixtape in that month, which is also somewhere in the world wide web.

In the beginning of August they flew back to the sates and I was told I could stay there for another month, until the end of August.

On the 3rd of August I got told, I had to leave the flat the next morning.

But god had a plan for me.

Two days before that happened, I was taking a walk and a old guy compliments my haircut.

We got into a conversation and he mentioned if anything happens I could crash at his house. At that time I thought I was all safe with my flat…

I told him I do music and stuff and he said that I could do a show on a Friday.

The evening I came home from the walk I did some research and found out I was talking to Reg Hartt, a legendary Torontorian, who build his name and brand with his well known posters, he hangs up around Downtown Toronto. He runs his own little theatre called ”The Cineforum”, where I now do shows on Fridays and live upstairs.

He gave me a place to stay and a platform to showcase and work on my music.

​The moral of the story is, If you love doing something, go for it!

Believe in your dream; make a plan, work on it and the Universe will do the rest.

My dream, doing music in English as a German got doubted so many times.

But as long as you don’t doubt yourself, there’s absolutely nothing in your way.


I’m currently in Berlin, Germany and will be back in Toronto in June 2018

If you want to follow my journey from this point on or have any questions follow me on social media:




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