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David Chu is a Canadian News Photographer who was living with me at the time the Corona Virus broke out in China. He rightly saw the impact it was to have long before any one else in the media did.

There is a greater threat than the virus which the world blinded by profit is ignoring.

That threat is the destruction of the rain forest in South America.

These forests are the lungs of the world.

Without them we all die.

We have in our ignorance destroyed the forests of Europe. We have destroyed the forests of Canada and The United States.

We are polluting the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.

We are creating a world that will be unable to sustain us.

We are blinded by seductions that seem trivial, amusements, diversions, indulgences that on the surface seem minor but which upon their fulfillment demand a deadly price.

We are rushing headlong into disaster.

Can that headlong rush be stopped?

Probably not.

Rome it seemed in the day of its glory would last forever.

It didn’t.

The night that fell when Rome fell lingers still.

What can we do?

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.


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