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Years ago biking along posting flyers around the city for my programs I saw a blind man waiting at an intersection. I said to myself, “Someone will help him.” Quick as a flash came the thought, “Why can’t that someone be you?”

I did not want to be thanked but as I soon realized, for the man’s sake, I had to accept his thanks. Not only was he blind he was also deaf and dumb.

When I saw literally hundreds of street flyers posted around Toronto attacking a street person I knew the man being targeted on those posters had done nothing to warrant my help and everything to make me not give it. Nonetheless, his life was at stake. The clear intent of the posters was to incite violence against him. The posters said he was a police informant. He was not though the man who posted the flyers certainly was and is. I have the police documents to prove it.

I did not have the money for it but I bought a video camera, filmed the flyers, posted the video on the web and then contacted every person I could think of. After getting nothing but no I finally was contacted by a woman in then Toronto Mayor David Miller’s office. She got them stopped.

I put that camera to work again when flyers went up smearing my friend Daniel Goggin. At the same time flyers went up smearing myself, former Toronto Councillor Adam Vaughan and others. One flyer offered $500 to have a fellow’s legs broken.

All of that came to mind when I read my horoscope in this week’s online edition of NOW magazine:

Gemini May 21 | Jun 20

Someone ought to do it, but why should I?” Author and activist Annie Besant identified that sentence as the motto of people who are moral cowards: those who know about an injustice but do nothing to address it. Very few of us have completely avoided that behaviour. Most of us, including me, have now and then chosen to serve our need for comfort instead of standing up against corruption or unfairness. But I think it’s more important than usual that you Geminis don’t engage in such moral cowardice now. More depends on your integrity and bravery than you realize.

Boy, I have never seen that put that strongly.

I looked her up.

“Someone ought to do it, but why should I? Someone ought to do it, so why not I? Between these two sentences lie whole centuries of moral evolution.”–Annie Besant.

She was quite the human being:  .

I know from my own actions which camp I’m in.

It was a helluva good horoscope to read.

–Reg Hartt.

Some of the many flyers posted around Toronto designed to incite violence against their subjects. .

As Einstein said  worse than the people posting these are the people doing nothing. Einstein’s not the only one.

One person replied.

One of
literally tens of thousands of flyers posted to brim harm upon myself. What would Jane Jaccobs do? She stood up all her life against things like this.

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