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I encourage people to be their own teachers.
This was the method used at Rochdale College in Toronto where I was Director of Cinema Studies.
Provided were “Resource People.” These were people who, having achieved success in their field, lived at Rochdale all costs covered provided they answer questions and speak with Rochdale students.
Rochdale opened in 1968, closed in 1975.
The Gov. of Canada, as part of the Rochdale experiment, allowed the use of hashish, LSD, marijuana, mescaline and peyote. This allowed the local yellow press to have a field day. Stories in the media attracted only those interested in getting high. As far as many of them were concerned there was no education at Rochdale (not knowing they were to be their own teachers).
The good thing is his site has great pictures.
For myself and many others Rochdale was a great success.
I keep the Rochdale flame burning at my CineForum in Toronto. I have had and am having astounding success.
In 1968 I began studying THE I CHING which teaches learning and doing like faith and works must be united if they are to bear fruit otherwise they are dead, sterile.
A fellow who stayed with me asked to borrow $50.00. I told him I’d give him $50 to trim my lawn. He did an awesome job (my lawn is a postage stamp). When I asked him how he had learned to do that so well he said, “The first time my mother asked me to trim the lawn I asked my grandfather how to do it. My grandfather said, ‘Do it like the first man.”
The first man had no teacher.
There are 3 epic movies in the Rochdale Story (The Dream, The Reality, The Nightmare).
They demand to be told in 3D.
The key ingredients for box office are Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. Rochdale has that in spades.
The cover for the latest edition of my book, THE NIGHT THEY RAIDED ROCHDALE  is by my friend Chester Brown. It’s one of his favorite moments from the book. . Copies are available directly from me. It is self published. $35 plus shipping ($100 signed).
This is a fundraiser for my projects.
Be your own teacher. Encourage others (especially the young) to be their own teachers.
Do everything you do like the first wo/man.
I had said, “Trim my lawn” so the fellow would not be in my debt and view my gift as charity. The money was money he had earned.
The story he gave me in return was worth the $50 a thousand times over confirming Jesus’ statement, “What you give you get back multiplied 1,000 times and more.”
From experience I know this is true.
Cheers.  For more info email me at .
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