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“I tell you the truth. He who believes in me will do the same things that I do. He will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.”


“11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not. 12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”



Jesus was and is and always will be the Messenger. However the focus for us must be and should be not on the messenger but on the message.


What is that message? That good news?


It is that through Jesus we may become not the adopted as Paul wrote but the begotten children of God as John wrote.


Too long the focus has been on the external word found in the multitude of translations of THE BIBLE which is at the whim of the translators who always lack the fire of the original writers. We have only to look at the translations into English of the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud to see that.


Too few look to the place where Moses told us to look. 11 “For this commandment which I command you today is [c]not too mysterious for you, nor is it far off. 12 It is not in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will ascend into heaven for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ 13 Nor is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will go over the sea for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ 14 But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it.



Put down your Bibles. Begin now to trust the living fountain found within.


You will be called a blasphemer by those who trust only in the external. Their trust is in vain.


As we do this we grow in trust. Growing in trust we ourselves become THE WORD, the living word.


The best place, really the only place, to get valid peer reviewed information of The Turin Shroud is Barrie Schwortz’s site:


Barrie was raised as an Orthodox Jew. At 14 Barrie became an agnostic. Let him tell you why. He became a photographer. He did some work for NASA. The quality of his work resulted in Barrie being invited to go to Turin to photo document the work of the STURP (Shroud Of Turin Research Project) team only the smallest handful of which believed in Jesus: .

Here they are:

Investigators for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) include:

  1. Joseph S. Accetta, Lockheed Corporation* – Infrared spectroscopy
  2. Steven Baumgart, U.S. Air Force Weapons Laboratories* – Infrared spectral measurements
  3. John D. German, U.S. Air Force Weapons Laboratories* – Technical support for all experiments
  4. Ernest H. Brooks II, Brooks Institute of Photography* – Scientific photography
  5. Mark Evans, Brooks Institute of Photography* – Microphotography, photomicroscopy
  6. Vernon D. Miller, Brooks Institute of Photography* – Scientific photography (Deceased)
  7. Robert Bucklin, Harris County,Texas, Medical Examiner’s Office -Medical, forensics (Deceased)
  8. Donald Devan, Oceanographic Services Inc.* – Scientific photography, image analysis (Deceased)
  9. Rudolph J. Dichtl, University of Colorado* – Technical support of all experiments
  10. Robert Dinegar, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories* – Chemistry, tape sample removal/analysis (Deceased)
  11. Donald Janney, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories* – Image analysis
  12. Joan Janney Rogers, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories* – Technical support
  13. J. Ronald London, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories* – X-ray radiography and X-ray fluorescence (Deceased)
  14. Roger A. Morris, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories* – X-ray fluorescence (Deceased)
  15. Raymond N. Rogers, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories* – Chemistry, tape sample removal/analysis (Deceased)
  16. Larry Schwalbe, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories – Physics, X-ray fluorescesnce
  17. Diane Soran, Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories – Chemistry, Archaeology (Deceased)
  18. Kenneth E. Stevenson, IBM* – Public relations
  19. Al Adler, Western Connecticut State University – Biochemist, tape sample analysis (Deceased)
  20. Thomas F. D’Muhala, Nuclear Technology Corporation* – Logistics
  21. Jim Drusik, Los Angeles County Museum – Conservation
  22. Joseph Gambescia, St. Agnes Medical Center – Medical analysis (Deceased)
  23. Roger Gilbert, Oriel Corporation* – Visible/UV spectroscopy
  24. Marty Gilbert, Oriel Corporation* – Visible/UV spectroscopy
  25. Thomas Haverty, Rocky Mountain Thermograph* – Thermography
  26. John Heller, New England Institute – Biophysics (Deceased)
  27. John P. Jackson, U.S. Air Force Academy* – STURP President, measurements/analysis
  28. Eric J. Jumper, U.S. Air Force Academy* – STURP Vice-president, measurements/analysis
  29. Jean Lorre, Jet Propulsion Laboratory* – Image analysis (Deceased)
  30. Donald J. Lynn, Jet Propulsion Laboratory* – Image analysis (Deceased)
  31. Robert William (Bill) Mottern, Sandia National Laboratory* – Image analysis, X-ray radiography (Deceased)
  32. Samuel Pellicori, Santa Barbara Research Center* – Visible/UV spectroscopy
  33. Barrie M. Schwortz, Barrie Schwortz Studios* – Documentation Photography

Note: The researchers marked with an * participated directly in the 1978 Examination in Turin. All others are STURP research members who worked with the data or samples after the team returned to the United States.


They thought they would walk in, give the cloth five minutes and walk out laughing. Instead they gave and are giving their lives to the scientific study of the single most important historic and scientific document we possess


Your study of THE SHROUD must leave religion at the door. Belief and disbelief get in the way of seeing. Academics and scholars were the last to accept Jesus (and then only when Constantine made Christianity the religion of the state). They are also the first to get it wrong.


They are still getting it wrong.


“I had wonderful teachers in the first and second grades who taught me everything I know. After that, I’m afraid, the teachers were nice, but they were dopes…I have a lack of ideology, and not because I have an animus against any particular ideology; it’s just that they don’t make sense to me…they get in the way of thinking. I don’t see what use they are…University and uniformity, as ideals, have subtly influenced how people thought about education, politics, economics, government, everything…We are misled by universities and other intellectual institutions to believe that there are separate fields of knowledge. But it’s clear there are no separate fields of knowledge. It is a seamless web.”-Jane Jacobs whose books, from her first, THE DEATH AND LIFE OF THE GREAT AMERICAN CITIES to her last, DARK AGE AHEAD, are must reading.


Mrs. Jacobs is right. The robe Jesus wore was seamless. Their are no separate fields of knowledge. They link up. They are part of the whole, organs of the body.


Meister Eckhart said, “We have the seed of God in us. Hazel seeds grow hazel trees. Pear seeds grow pear trees. God seeds grow Gods.”


This may be called blasphemy by many. Nonetheless, it is true.


Dare to see yourself as the begotten son and daughter of God. What is your foundation for this brave thought?


It is here: “9-13 That was the true light which shines upon every man as he comes into the world. He came into the world—the world he had created—and the world failed to recognize him. He came into his own creation, and his own people would not accept him. Yet wherever men did accept him he gave them the power to become sons of God. These were the men who truly believed in him, and their birth depended not on the course of nature nor on any impulse or plan of man, but on God.”


We, you and I, must seize that power for if we do not it will pass us by.


Over fifty years ago I decided to trust only in the living word found in my heart and on my tongue (as each must). I have worked all my life with no money. Today I find myself recognized by many. That comes as a surprise.


The best things are always surprises, wonderful surprises.


Jesus (Yeshua, if you will) was a peasant from the boonies, as Thomas Cahill puts it in DESIRE OF THE EVERLASTING HILLS, from buttfuck Galilee. When he spoke he dropped his aitches (that was the accent by which Peter was recognized in the inn). He was a nobody.


The late night arrest and trial of Jesus remains the greatest stain on the fine fabric of Judaism. It is a blot which cannot be removed.


Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 9b
מקדש ראשון מפני מה חרב? מפני שלשה דברים שהיו בו: עבודה זרה, וגלוי עריות, ושפיכות דמים. . . . אבל מקדש שני, שהיו עוסקין בתורה ובמצות וגמילות חסדים מפני מה חרב? מפני שהיתה בו שנאת חנם. ללמדך ששקולה שנאת חנם כנגד שלש עבירות: עבודה זרה, גלוי עריות, ושפיכות דמים

“Why was the First Temple destroyed? Because of three evils in it: idolatry, sexual immorality and bloodshed . . . But why was the Second Temple destroyed, seeing that during the time it stood people occupied themselves with Torah, with observance of precepts, and with the practice of charity? Because during the time it stood, hatred without rightful cause prevailed. This is to teach you that hatred without rightful cause is deemed as grave as all the three sins of idolatry, sexual immorality and bloodshed together.”


I have experienced and am experiencing hatred without just cause.


This is what we are called to in Jesus. It is what I am called to.


A street person I had helped was offered money to break my arms and legs, more to kill me. I have his testimony on video.


I am myself the bandits victim. I have suffered a persecution that began when I was six. I am not complaining. This is the path I was born to walk. It is the path we are all born to walk, each one of us. , .

I have watched The Rabbi (the church) and the Scribe (the state) cross the road to walk by.

I myself am watching the Samaritan (those held in contempt by church and state) bandage my wounds, care for me.

As with me so with you.

“…When at last each man realizes that nothing is to be expected from God, or society, or friends, or benevolent tyrants, or democratic governments, or saints, or saviours, or even that holiest of holies, education, when each man realizes that he must work with his own hands to save himself, and that we need expect no mercy, perhaps then…Perhaps! Even then, seeing what manner of men we are, I doubt. The point is that we are doomed…No God is coming to save us. No system of government, no belief will provide us with that liberty and justice which men whistle for with the death-rattle….What distinguishes the majority of men from the few is their inability to act according to their beliefs. The hero is he who raises himself above the crowd…To get men to rally round a cause, a belief, an idea, is always easier that to persuade them to live their own lives.”–Henry Miller, AN OPEN LETTER TO SURREALISTS EVERYWHERE.

What does Jesus tell us? He tells us as they have done to me they will do to you. How can I complain? I knowingly set my foot on this path. I know where it leads. It leads to the hill of the skull (so called, according to Robert Graves–who did his homework–because David buried the skull of Adam there) and The Cross.

What is it that we are called to do?

What is it that will damn us if we fail to do it?

At 14 I read in a newspaper that men who had sex with men were hated by God and that those who kill such people are doing the work of God.

I became active sexually with both sexes at six led by my cousin who was five after we came across some older boys naked in the bush behind the home of my grandparents.

At 14 I saw myself as far too many have seen themselves, as the abomination of desolation.

Then, at twenty four I read THE NEW TESTAMENT through cover to cover fine times on a buss trip out to Hollywood from Toronto. I learned first hand for myself that what I had read in that newspaper at 14 was bullshit. So much of what the media tells us is bullshit. Why? Because bullshit sells.

If you are by nature a rebel (I sincerely hope you are) you have heard as I have hears again, again, again and again that rebellion is a sin.

It is not. It is a sign of intelligence.

Moses rebelled against Pharaoh. Jesus rebelled against the authorities of his day. Galileo rebelled against the authorities of his day. We owe everything of value to rebels. We owe nothing to their persecutors whose number is legion.

Writes Robert Graves, “What is a scholar? One who may not break bounds under pain of expulsion from the academy of which he is a member.”

A scholar is one who follows the party line.

Did Jesus physically rise from the dead? Yes.

Do I need the Turin Shroud to know that? No.

I need only the word in my heart and on my tongue.

So what is it that word calls us to do?

Here it is from Matthew. It is THE LAST JUDGEMENT. Read it in any translation you choose. After you have read it do what your heart tells you to do. Become one with the Living Word as I am doing: .

Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.”

In this I say,”I and the Father are one.” We are in complete agreement that this is the right path, the narrow path, the strait path.

Does walking this path mean we must become a Christian?

Barrie Schwortz was raised as an Orthodox Jew. As such he remains. Not only that Barrie is 100% right.

The word “Christian” was first used at Antioch as an insult.

Today with the many “Christians” who trump Jesus by turning their backs on the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless, the naked, the sick, the jailbirds, the stranger the word “CHRIST” and the word “CHRISTIAN” has become synonymous with hypocrisy. It means fake.

As Shakespeare wrote: Polonius:
This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!

In Jesus we are not called to become something we cannot be.

We are called to become ourselves.

What is that?

We do not know.

We are, each of us, a story being told. When we come to the end we will know.

Now where is the true church, the true group you can join so that you will no longer be alone?

At the start of her career in the theatre Katharine Hepburn (whose family had money) was invited to join New York’s prestigious GROUP THEATER.

She turned them down.

She said, “I want no part of the group dynamic. By nature the group dynamic is second rate. I will be a star.”

She was tall, lean, lanky, pale skinned, freckle faced and red haired.

Above all she was a born rebel.

She was a very intelligent woman.

She liked men and women in her bed.

She became on the greatest stars in the firmament.

The churches of this world are packed with the second rate.

Stay away from them.

Where then is the true church?

It is not in a monastery. It is not found in attending Mass regularly. It is not found in a retreat.

It is found where Jesus was found, in the marketplace where the common folk are.

Stay out of church now and forever.

Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened for I will give you rest.

In my last year in high school I was told I had the wrong attitude and would starve in two weeks if I left school that day. Had I not left I would have starved.

The same with you.

One final thought.

Churches call us to believe in God.

Who has God got to believe in?

Only himself. We know God is male because Jesus called him, Poppa.”

Who, finally, have we got to believe in?

Our selves.

That is the gospel, the good news of Jesus.

That is the message.

To borrow from David Mamet, “Invent nothing. Deny nothing. Stand up. Speak up. Stay out of church.”

Walk alone.

While you’re walking drop by and say, “Hello.”

In my home I welcome strangers.

Dame Isabel Piczek, painter and particle physicist, states in one of the films I present, “The Shroud of Turin depicts an Event Horizon, a moment just like the original Big Bang during which the cosmos was created but a moment in which the entire cosmos was created new, born again.”

Jesus said, “When I am raised up all things will be made one in me.”

Forensic scientist Gilbert LaVoie made an astounding discovery which, or course is disputed, but which I see with my own eyes.

LaVoie discovered the image on the Shroud is not that of a body lying flat on a slab in a tomb. He discovered it is that of a body suspended vertically in the air.

This is not religion. Leave religion at the door. Faith and lack of faith get in the way of seeing.

This is science.

I, myself, am become an Event Horizon.

You, yourself, are becoming an Event Horizon.

As the caterpillar becomes a butterfly so we too become what we are meant to be.

What is that?

It is something eternal, timeless and wonderful.

At my home I welcome the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless, the sick, the convict, the stranger.

You do the same.

Do that and you are become a begotten child of God.

As such you don’t need a book for you are the living word.

That living word is not found in any book.

It is found only in our heart and on our tongue.

–Reg Hartt

“Any fool can make a law. Every fool will keep it.”-Henry David Thoreau.





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