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There are plenty of places in Toronto to build condos.

There is only one place in Toronto like Sneaky Dee’s.

I performed there naked with naked Graeme Kirkland (awesome artist & drummer who, unfortunately, found God and became an investment advisor–like we need more of those. Why do folks who think they found God turn their backs on what made them vital?), naked Bob Scott (The Look People), naked Stitch Winston (The Shuffle Demons), naked Jim and Andy Creeggan and Tyler Stewart of THE BARE NAKED LADIES during Kirkland’s Compositional Collage night (multi artists and bands performing on stage at once) plus innumerable film & lecture presentations before opening THE CINEFORUM/THE PUBLIC ENEMY.

A young fellow came up to me after and said, “I hope I look as good as you do at your age.”

That’s a compliment.

Sneaky Dee’s is an awesome part of this city’s cultural fabric as well as a great place to eat.

The people there are first rate.

Please do not let all that is left of this magical venue be a sidewalk tombstone.

We have more than enough of those in Yorkville, on Queen Street West and around the city.

We need SNEAKY DEE’S and we need it huge.

Don’t let SNEAKY DEE’S be a Covid 19 casualty.

Here is my piece HEARTBEAT which I performed naked at Sneaky Dee’s. It is from Graeme Kirkland’s album, COMPOSITIONAL COLLAGE.


A Cycle that never ends:

1 a neighborhood becomes trendy due to venue like Sneaky Dees.

2 Trendies move into the now “hot area” encouraging some new businesses

3 Developers see the rise in values and move in to redevelop

4. New development drives out hot places and kills the vibe that attracted the trendos and the developers.

5. The once hot area is now upscale and overpriced real estate drives even more locals out

6. The area becomes another boring area with overcrowded schools and streets


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