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I adopted a cat who was in really rough shape.

When he first arrived he tore through the house clearly enraged.

He bit, clawed, hissed, scratched.

My hand puffed up from his bites. I had to take medication.

“I have only met one cat I could not groom,” said the groomer I took him to to fix his matted fur.

When I got home the phone rang as I walked through the door.

The groomer said, “I met the second one.”

I was told to have him sedated and shaved.

I said, “I’m not doing that.”

I did it myself. It was dangerous.

The third time he bit me I said softly to him, “You know it is okay.”

To my surprise what I took would take forever happened in an instant.

Now he spends every moment staring at me with love.

This teacher is wrong. All teachers are wrong.

The only right teacher is the teacher in each of us.

–Reg Hartt

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