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Become one of the poets in the attic at Reg Hartt’s The PublicEnemy/The CineForum in Toronto.

There is a helluva lot more to Reg Hartt than showing movies. The Beat Hotel in Paris is nothing next to The Public Enemy in Toronto. A slew of artists, musicians, poets and writers have found their muse in Reg Hartt’s Toronto home. More are coming.


Here is one: Stedmond Pardy

Stedmond Pardy 3D

Stedmond Pardy Stress Men Prefer Curvy Women

Stedmond Pardy – A free jazz poem for Joan Baez

The great animation wizard Mike Jitlov and the legendary Ackermonster, Forrest J Ackerman (editor of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND) were guests of Reg Hartt at The CineForum.

The legendary Forrest J Ackerman at The Cineforum.

Al Aronowitz (above) found most of his friends from Bob Dylan on down had turned their backs on him. Then Reg Hartt invited him to Toronto to give a reading from his BLACKLISTED MASTERPIECES. Said Al, “If there is a new Messiah Reg Hartt is it. He raised me from the dead. His re-telling in free verse of THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH made me tingle. His CineForum in Toronto is my favorite place on earth.”























Petunia lived at Reg Hartt’s The Public Enemy/The CineForum. He walked in a stranger. He walked out a poet.

Petunia & The Vipers Monarch Tavern Toronto Waltz


Peter Sumadh (The Mad Dalton) found his Muse at The Public Enemy/The CineForum.


WizTheMC found his Muse at The Public Enemy/The CineForum:

Andre Skinner lived at Reg Hartt’s The Public Enemy/The CineForum:

Didgeridoo Artist/poet Yusuke Hasegawa  lived in the attic at The Public/Enemy/The CineForum:

Yusuke 4, 28, 2016 Anaglyph 3D. Filmed By Reg Hartt.

Yusuke with Ryoke GTR

Alexandre Hamel On Living And Learning At The Cineforum and The Creation of Le Patin Libre


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