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The strait path, the path of life, is crooked.

It is not straight.

It twists and turns requiring that we be on the alert with every step we take.

Strait times are difficult, enormously hard almost impossible to pass through times.

A strait is a narrow body of water which can be traveled only by one ship at a time and then only with great care and caution.

Mistaking strait for straight is an all too common mistake.

It indicates that however sincere the person may be they are getting something elemental wrong.

People ask why their life is so hard not realizing that our life IS hard when we walk the strait and narrow.

Narrow means so narrow we walk absolutely alone.

Most of us are on the right path, the strait path, but do not know it.

Knowing it means embracing it.

The truth sets us free.

The word ABBA in English means Daddy, Poppa.

Use Daddy or Poppa to get the meaning.

Jesus calls us to approach God as a child approaches their father.

Instead of ABBA use Daddy or Poppa.

You will then find as I have found Poppa answers.

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