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This was the first poster I saw on Toronto’s streets offering money to have its subject harmed. The man who posted it runs a street postering and used bicycle business. People have found their stolen bikes at his sales. In the operation of his street poster business he completely ignores the city’s postering bylaws: .

Since 2000 one man who runs a street postering company has not only denied others the right to poster by tearing down and routinely destroying their work he has also posted thousands of flyers designed to incite violence upon their subjects.

That this is so has been documented by the country’s newspaper of record, THE GLOBE AND MAIL. See link below.

City of Toronto Councillor Joe Cressy said. “Reg Hartt. I have seen those posters attacking you. They are hate. Why aren’t the police doing something?”

The police have done and are doing what they can. The police are not to be faulted. In 2017 the man responsible for posting thousands of anonymous hate flyers was arrested and charged. He was released on condition he neither possess nor post anything related to Reg Hartt. Unfortunately, the court removed that restriction. Anonymous posters smearing Reg Hartt once more decorated the streets of the city.

Every day in Toronto people who poster find their posters covered over and/or destroyed. Often they find the flyers they had put up stuck in clumps of confetti  behind flyers promoting a street poster service or a used bicycle sale.  These businesses are run by the same person. He has turned something meant for everyone into something only for himself and those who pay him.

We are told to present By law infractions to Metro Licensing And Standards ( ). Do that but do not expect MLS to take action. It seems they are giving this man and his businesses a pass.

Complain to your City Councillor. Again, do not expect them to take action. City Councillor Joe Cressy’s office informed Councillor John Filion there is nothing they can do. Former Councillor Adam Vaughn’s office addressed this. In the process Adam Vaughn became the target of an anonymous street ;poster slander campaign. Former Mayor Rob Ford’;s office addressed this. Street posters were put up stating Mayor Ford supported pedophiles (see below).

The first major poster harassment campaign, in 2009/2010) attacked a former employee of the man posting the flyers, Terry Ross (see below). I bought my first video camera to document the attacks on Terry. A woman working in Toronto’s then Mayor David Miller responded. She said she would get the attacks ended. She did.

Thousands of these posters went up all over Toronto. They state the subject was a police informant. He wasn’t. They were designed to get him killed. I bought my first video camera, recorded them and then acted to get them stopped.

City Councillors and bureaucrats say nothing can be done to stop street poster bullying. That’s not true. The question is why are they choosing to allow this. This woman in former Mayor David Miller’s office acted. Why won’t they?


The Supreme Court of Canada, in The Ramsden Decision, defended street postering as freedom of speech for people without access to mainstream media (that means most of us). The did not defend to be turned into a monopoly or a business: .

The City Of Toronto Street Postering By laws are extremely well thought out. They are eminently fair.  Posters may be no larger than 22×28 cm. (8.5 x 11 inches). Only one poster for essentially the same subject may be posted per kiosk/utility pole (not one on each side). Posters may not cover other posters. All posters must carry contact information. Posters are not to be placed on the street side of utility poles. Business posters are allowed on the kiosks. Business posters are not allowed on utility poles.  A complete copy of Toronto’s postering By laws can be downloaded here: html .

Toronto alternative-theatre founder stands up to bullying threats :  .

[Reg] Hartt has become the target of a slander campaign: .






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