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The first 3D picture. (Use red and blue glasses). The Turin Shroud has unique 3D encoding. This was what inspired a team of over 30 American scientists (most of whom were non-Christian) to go to Turin to study it in 1978. Said Barrie Schwartz, from whom I acquired an authorized replica, “We thought we’d walk in, look, laugh and leave.” Instead most of them have given and are giving the rest of their lives to its study. The 3D documentary THE FABRIC OF TIME is highly recommended. Dame Isabel Piczek, “The Shroud of Turin represents a moment like the original Big Bang during which entire cosmos was re-created.” The Resurrection was the moment the whole cosmos was literally BORN AGAIN. I can’t think of anything better to be near on Easter Sunday. I see this everytime I walk up and down the stairs in my home. There is a 3D Documentary: THE FABRIC OF TIME .,

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