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5pm Wednesday, September 8, 15, 22, 29, The CineForum, 463 Bathurst below College across from The Beer Store. Admission free. Donations to the cost of the program are welcome. 416-603-6643.

For myself watching a movie alone when I can pause the film is not the best way to experience it. I need an audience. That way I experience the picture as its creator intended. Seeing a movie is the act of surrendering. It is the act of becoming one with the thing observed.

“Whatever people condemn you for, make it your own. It is yourself. Whatever people find fault with in your work, keep it. That par is you. When the tools of the cinema become as cheap as pencil and paper the medium will finally become an art form.”–Jean Cocteau.

THE BLOOD OF A POET (1930) Cocteau’s first film.

Also Cocteau Marais – Un Couple Mythique – A LEGENDARY COUPLE (2013)

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