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Michael Coren mistook a biochemical flush for the presence of Jesus. He joined the Roman Catholic Church after which he wrote a book titled THE CATHOLICS ARE RIGHT. I reviewed it on my blog under the titled THE CATHOLICS ARE WRONG.
Coren jumped ship and became an Anglican.
Jesus sent the man from whom he cast a legion of demons into swine back to witness to people who cared more for the swine they had lost than for the man who had been saved.
Coren is not a very deep thinker.
Jesus said, “Who harms one of these little ones better a millstone was tied to their neck and they be cast in the sea.” No one is more little than the unborn.
When we think anything is more important in our life than a child we have the wrong priorities.
Henry Morgantaler came to a program I gave. People were surprised I did not publicly speak against him in my introduction. There was nothing to speak against.
When he left I offered him a T-Shirt. He picked one with Bugs Bunny.
He said, “For my kid.”
Abortions are going to happen. In the past they happened illegally. Sometimes women died. It is better they happen legally.
People who want to see an end to abortion (and I do) must work to create a world where the least among us is recognized as God (which they are.
Anyone familiar with THE LAST JUDGMENT in Matthew knows that how we treat the least is among us is how we will be treated by God.
I am guided by Jesus: “What you do/do not do to the least you do/do not do to me.”
As for THE BIBLE history shows people use it to back up what they choose to do whether they believe in it or not.

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