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Sunday and again today I saw mini-lyers are once again going up around the city on College and on Queen Street West attacking myself. Probably elsewhere.
Ignaz Semmelweis found it impossible to get the people who make a profession of caring to care. 
I draw inspiration from him. By the way, mys sister is a retired nurse. Visiting a hospital she found staff using the came rubber gloves from patient to patient. When she explained the gloves are to be discarded after one use she was informed that staff had been told to save money.
I have linked THE GLOBE AND MAIL story on this continued harassment.
These flyers state I am facing charges. I’m not. THE BIBLE states when we turn to people they won’t help. Henry Miller says the same in his AN OPEN LETTER TO SURREALISTS EVERYWHERE.: “”When at last each man realizes that nothing is to be expected from God, or society, or friends, or benevolent tyrants, or democratic governments, or saints, or saviours, or even that holiest of holies, education, when each man realizes that he must work with his own hands to save himself, and that we need expect no mercy, perhaps then…Perhaps! Even then, seeing what manner of men we are, I doubt. The point is that we are doomed…No God is coming to save us. No system of government, no belief will provide us with that liberty and justice which men whistle for with the death-rattle….What distinguishes the majority of men from the few is their inability to act according to their beliefs. The hero is he who raises himself above the crowd…To get men to rally round a cause, a belief, an idea, is always easier that to persuade them to live their own lives.”
My flyers are being copied. My originals can be found in bits of confetti behind the copies. You are probably as tired of hearing about this as I am to be experiencing it. Current City Councillors say there is nothing they can do. When all this started decades ago Mayor David Miller’s office acted. Different times. Different people.


“The founder of a landmark alternative theatre in downtown Toronto is refusing to back down in the face of a poster-bullying campaign that seems designed to bring violence upon him and his associates.

“Reg Hartt, who runs the CineForum out of his Bathurst Street home, had decided earlier this week that it was too risky to stay open. Patrons keen to see Salò on Tuesday night were sent home disappointed and he said he planned to lie low for a while and then start angling for a new venue.

“But by Friday he was determined to stand firm. He will screen a Jane Jacobs picture and a psychiatric hospital documentary tonight and is “rebooting” his film schedule. Among the movies he plans to show is the gay pornographic classic Boys in the Sand – the very picture an anonymous detractor cited on a downtown poster that was part of an attempt to smear Mr. Hartt.”–Oliver Moore, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

This art by Chester Brown was transformed into an ad for the man behind the many posters smearing myself and others. People don’t care. I know that.


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