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That headline reads like I am paranoid.

Right. There are people out to destroy you, Reg? You must be crazy.

Nope, I’m not.

There are folks determined to see me six feet under.

One homeless man I helped was offered money to kill me.

My problem is that in 1968 I chanced upon the ancient Chinese Oracle, THE I CHING.

I stumbled across the same edition of it Bob Dylan did around the same time Bobby Zimmerman did: ,  .

Q: What about religion and philosophy?

A: I just don’t have any religion or philosophy, I can’t say much about any of them. A lot of people do, and fine if they really do follow a certain code. I’m not about to go around changing anything. I don’t like anybody to tell me what I have to do or believe, how I have to live. I just don’t care, you know. Philosophy can’t give me anything that I don’t already have. The biggest thing of all, that encompasses it all, is kept back in this country. It’s an old Chinese philosophy and religion, it really was one… there is a book called the “I-Ching“, I’m not trying to push it, I don’t want to talk about it, but it’s the only thing that is amazingly true, period, not just for me. Anybody would know it. Anybody that ever walks would know it, it’s a whole system of finding out things, based on all sorts of things. You don’t have to believe in anything to read it, because besides being a great book to believe in, it’s also very fantastic poetry.-Bob Dylan.

My problem is that along with teaching that the best are on the side of the poor, the downtrodden, etcetera the best also forgive the conscious and unconscious misdeeds of others upon their person BEFORE they happen.

I decided that is the only road open for me when I read that in 1968.

I mean, who does not want to be the best they can?

I have since learned that there are quite a few folks out there who don’t care about being the best they can.

The nail went through the wood in 1970 when on a bus trip from Toronto to Hollywood at the invitation of a friend I had the hots for (nothing like the burning fire of sexual desire to lead us by night and it’s smoke by day) I read a particularly powerful translation of THE NEW TESTAMENT.

Read the last judgment in Matthew. Jesus clearly is on the side of the homeless, the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the jailbird and the stranger (those folks the City of Toronto says I should not be inviting into my home (and neither should you). Jesus teaches if we want to be forgiven we must first forgive.

I found out how unique it was when I tore it up in front of a fellow saying, “We can’t worship this book!”

Thought I could replace it. Found out I can’t. All the other translations miss the mark it set (which, by the way, is the meaning of the word “sin.” It is an archery term. It means to miss the mark.

Bobby and I share a couple of other major influences.

The first is Jane Jacobs  who taught Zimmerman how to write protest songs: ,  .

The second is Al Aronowitz who introduced Bobby to Allen Ginsberg and The Beatles and me to New York in 1992 at the famed Thalia Theatre.

Al said my home was his favourite place on earth to present his work. I’ll post the pictures of him here below. Al loved it here.

Jane Jacobs wrote a book about the importance of standing up to bullies. It’s called THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES.

Educated folks say they have a hard time understanding it.

Jane’s son Jim said to me one day when we met by chance on the street, “My mother loved you.” I replied, “I love your mother.”

Bobby Dylan didn’t love her.

Jane’s husband Robert told me Bobby one day made up two lists of people. One list he kept. The other he threw away.

Jane, said her husband, was on the list he threw away.

Bobby threw away Al Aronowitz  too.

I found great value in Dylan’s rejects. Immense value.

It is amazing how many people who studied Jane Jacobs’ books in university say they don’t understand them.

One night when her son James and I were walking home from a municipal meeting where we both saw the speakers speaking with forked tongues  I said, “The reason eduycated people don’t understand your mothers’ books is because she wrote them from the perspective of the dirt poor.”

“Yes,” said Jimmy, “We were dirt poor when she wrote THE DEATH AND LIFE.”

Jane Jacobs wrote THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN  CITIES from the perspective of the least among us, the poor, the uneducated.


But none of this solves my problem because unless I can forgive the sonofabitch who has been posting lies about myself and others around the city for the last two decades I will be a hypocrite.

As well I have to forgive all those folks why by their silence are complicit sonsanddaughtersofbitches.

Still, I’m Irish and if we Irish have learned anything it is how to forgive unforgivable sonsanddaughtersofbitches.

I can do it.

By the way, my friend Petunia ain’t no Bobby Zimmerman and that’s a good thing.

Petunia and his Vipers made a song about me: .

As for that sonofabitch scuttling around in the night posting his anonymous hate flyers, well, God says,”Be still. Vengeance is mine. I will take care of that sonofabitch and I will take care of those sonsanddaughtersofbitches who by their silence are his kin.”

That poisonous snakes  says he’s a Christian.

He’s one reason I ain’t.

There are too many folks like him who say they are Christians.

Include me out. There are way too many reasons not to be a Christian.

This has been going on for twenty-one years.

That is twenty-one years too many.

One with God is a majority. I am one with God.

Jesus said that whatever we ask of the father in his name God will give us.

God, I ask you in Jesus’s name,  help me forgive those sonsanddaughtersofbitches.

In THE LAST JUDGMENT The LORD says to those on his left, “When you saw me homeless, hungry, thirsty, sick, in prison (a jailbird), and a stranger you passed me by. ”

Those on the left say, “When did WE pass YOU by?”

The LORD replies, “As you did to the least of these my brothers and sisters you did to me. Now GO TO HELL YOU FUCKS.”

Include me among the least.–Reg Hartt

A note to Toronto Mayor John Tory. Right now you are on the left hand of judgment. You’d better start getting it right.

Ditto all you churches  that buried indigenous kids in unmarked graves after they died in your schools.

Jesus taught we need no man to teach us. His buddy John taught the same. Read 1 John 2:27. In building those schools they showed they did not and do not trust God. What they did is unforgivable.

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