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This has been going on for decades. It is not going to stop until I am dead or the person behind this is. City of Toronto Poster Bylaws state all posters must provide contact information for the person sponsoring them. These do not. I am not facing charges. They were dropped. There was no evidence to support them.

In 2017 James Gillis was arrested by the Toronto Police. He was charged with criminal harassment. He was released on condition he no longer possess nor post flyers related to Reg Hartt. Those conditions have since been removed.

Gillis runs a street postering service. Toronto’s Street Poster Bylaws limited the size and quantity of posters on the public spaces provided. Posters can be no larger than 8.5 x  11 inches. Only one poster per subject may be posted.

Gillis sells used bikes out of a garage in a laneway in Toronto. People have reported on TORONTO STOLEN BIKES finding their stolen bikes at his sales:  . Here are some of his reviews:


Toronto City Bylaws state all posters must have the name of a contact person. These slander posts do not have the name of a contact person.


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