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Some folks seem to think I am worth listening to:

Michael Coren tackles abortion in his book THE REBEL CHRIST.

It is a misleading title. Jesus was not a rebel.

The men who opposed him were.

Coren is pro-abortion.

So am I but not for the same reasons.

He makes the point correctly that Jesus did not address abortion.

He gives us a long and winding trip through THE BIBLE.

It seems to me that when Jesus said, “Who harms one of these little ones better a millstone was tied to their neck and they be cast into the sea,” he said all that needs to be said about those who harm the unborn.

Native Americans teach that should a mother die in pregnancy both she and the child she bears go straight to the great spirit. They also teach that a pregnant woman is in a state of grace and can do no wrong. That makes sense to me.

In the dark days before legalized abortion women died during the procedure.

I am for legalized abortion because that means those dark days are past.

The women who endure abortions have a hard cross to bear.

I am not here to make it harder for them.

Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the man who did most to legalize abortion in Canada,  came to one of my presentations.

After I had introduced the program the people who worked with me asked why I had not spoken out against him. I said, “He gets enough of that.”

I had T-shirts available. When he left I offered him one. He smiled and chose one.

“For my kid,” he said.

This week in the long running TV series LAW AND ORDER SVU Detective Olivia Benson has a flashback scene with her mother whom we learn was a very troubled woman who had been raped.

Olivia is the child of that rape. She mentions it. Her mother says, “It gave me one good thing. You.”

I am pro-abortion because it means the mother will survive the process.

The choice is her choice. I respect that.

My hope is that both mother and child live.

It is not my place to condemn either the mother or those who assist her in her choice.

I don’t need THE BIBLE to know this is the right choice.–Reg Hartt

Isaiah 1:18
“‘Come now, let us settle the matter,’ says the Lord. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.’”

Yes, they will.


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