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My tuxedo Cat Boss is losing hair on his legs:   .

I adopted him and his mother a few years back after the death of my cat, Berlin.

Boss’s mom passed suddenly about a year ago.

My cat, Zorro (whom I adopted at the same time) passed in September.

Zorro was a mess when he came here.

He was a coon cat. His fur was matted. He bit, clawed, hissed, scratched.

My hand puffed up from his bites. I had to take medication.

I took him to a groomer. She said, “I have only met one cat I could not groom.”

I left him with her.

As I walked in my door the phone rang. She said, “I have met the second one.”

She suggested taking him to a vet where he could be sedated and shaved.

I opted not to do that.

I dd a web surf, found what I needed and did it myself.

The third time Zorro bit me I said to him softly, “You know, it is okay.”

He had in that moment a complete personality reset. From that moment he spent every second staring at me with love.

Zorro died of feline aids.

It was tough watching him go.

Boss has always been a chipper fellow. He still is.

I’d like to get blood tests for all three of my cats to make sure they are okay.

Money’s tight for all of us right now.

Please do what you can.

For a donation of $50 you will receive a copy of your choice of my books:

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