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I first saw Leni Riefenstahl’s film TIEFLAND (1954) at a packed Toronto Film Society screening.

In it Riefenstahl played a dancer touring with an absolute brute

She is rescued from the brute by an aristocrat who turns out to be a bigger monster than the man she was rescued from.

In the film there is a moment where Riefenstahl, as the dancer, portrays pure animal terror.

In that instant I knew she was drawing from deep personal experience. This was more than just acting.

To my surprise the audience booed when the film finished.

Riefenstahl denied the film was a metaphor for Germany rescued from destruction by Adolf Hitler who then destroyed Germany.

That may be so.

Nonetheless, the film shows perfectly what happened in Germany under Hitler.

The man who rescued Germany destroyed Germany.

I have a copy of the film in The CineForum archive.

Bernie Farber, quoted in this piece, served as the head of The Canadian Jewish Congress.

The left is as bad as the right. Both feel free to lie to serve their cause.


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