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I hate that paper,” said Jane Jacobs of the copy of THE TORONTO STAR on the table before her.

Postcard from Emo Philips.

The legendary Forrest J Ackerman at The Cineforum.

Reg Hartt when he arrived in Toronto in the winter of 1965. He had no place to stay because the friend he thought he had wasn’t. That morning Hartt’s high school principal had told him, “You have the wrong attitude. Leave this school today and you will starve in two weeks.” Had Hartt not left he would have starved.

“Can you sleep in the park?” a young man asked Reg Hartt in 1968?” ” Hartt replied, “You might get arrested. Why?” “My father said, ‘my way or the highway.'” “Come with me,” Hartt told him. Through him, by chance, Hartt discovered THE I CHING. He has devoted his life to living its ideas.

Behind The Punisher are posters for The Reg Hartt Film Fest. Cover artist Tim Bradstreet told me he had been in Toronto for a signing, had seen a display of my street flyers, liked it , took a picture and looked for a moment when he could use it as a background. ” I changed the names on the other flyers. I kept your name on your flyers,” he said. Doing that Bradstreet made me a part of the Marvel Universe.

When someone of the caliber of Chuck Jones says he appreciates our thoughts it makes it very easy to ignore those who do not.

Mark Sleep with Owen Hartt, father of Reg Hartt.

Dali and his cook book.

Judith Merril, Reg Hartt, THE SALVADOR DALI DINER prepared by Marc Sleep.

A full size authorized replica of The Shroud Of Turin hangs in my home.

An authorized replica of THE SHROUD OF TURIN hangs in Reg Hartt’s Toronto home.

The shroud of Turin, Italy. Negative-Positive image of the shroud showing the face of a man. The shroud contains the image of a crucified man, believed by many to be Jesus Christ.

This is The Fool from The Tarot in his unbowdlerized state. Later versions put trousers on him.

Jane Jacobs wrote this. It is a powerful letter of endorsement and support.

John Kricfalusi is not the only artist to come out of my programs.

Einstein discovered that the vast majority stand by and do nothing. The ones who matter stand up and get knocked down. They get up again and again and again and…

Omar got it right.

I came to Toronto from Hollywood in 1970 to become part of the most reviled place in the city, Rochdale College, where I became Director of Cinema Studies. Rochdale had no money to pay me. That was fine because I was standing on Faith. I am still standing on Faith.

Who changes the water? Someone who loves you.

We don’t need to be Albert Einstein to understand this.

Yes, it is. Speak up.

Not many got a fan letter from Jane Jacobs. I got several.

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