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The 20th-Century History Behind Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine:

World War II began because fear of another war like World War I kept people from standing up to Hitler.

Fear of what WORLD WAR III will mean for the world is keeping people from standing up to Putin.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not exaggerating when he says he is fighting for Canada. From the moment he came to power Russian President has been telling his people that the west is a bastion of Nazis. One of the justifications for the invasion of The Ukraine is that it must be de-Nazified. Putin has told Russia the entire West must be de-Nazified.

That de-Nazification was not and is not meant to stop with The Ukraine.

The sanctions the West has imposed on Russia are being used by him to support his long standing statement that the West is the enemy of Russia.

The harsh impact of those sanctions on the lives of ordinary people will only serve to drive home to them that their President must be right.

For victory to be won in this conflict the Russian people have to see with their own eyes that they are being lied to.

How that is to be accomplished with a nation that permits only a state authorized media I have not a clue.

Frankly, we are lucky.

It is clear that the West expected the Ukrainian President to grab as much money as he could, grab his family and hop on the first available plane.

He has not done that.

By standing firm he has galvanized the West to his cause.

As more and more understand that his cause is our cause we have a chance to end this now instead of five years from now.

No one wants World War III. That includes Russian President Putin.

Yes, he has threatened to use nuclear weapons.

That he would make such a threat means that he is prepared not only to take down the West but also his own nation.

Is he really? I doubt it.

There will be nothing left but ashes.

I have met a lot of bullies during my 75 years. Everyone of them was a coward in their heart.

We are fortunate that our Prime Minister and his advisors are standing up to this bully.

There will be a tomorrow. There will always be a tomorrow.

That that tomorrow will be worth living in means it must be a tomorrow everyone including the Russian people can live in.

The most effective thing we can do to help The Ukraine is to show the Russian people they need a new captain on their ship.

If, as some have called for, their current captain is assassinated that will only cement in their minds the idea that in the West we really are a bunch of Nazis.

It is up to us to show them that is not true.

Hopefully, we can do that.

I believe we can.

When I ran my film program at Toronto’s Rochdale College I was told that a drug dealer had taken out a contract on my life.

Why? Because he wanted to take over the space I was using, THE NORTH CAFETERIA, and turn it into a fine dining restaurant.

This effort was doomed. I knew that no one outside Rochdale would go thee to fine dine. I knew that when people inside Rochdale wanted to dine fine they would go out.

I went to speak to a “friend” about it. Doing so I learned the meeting to have me killed was being conducted in his apartment.

What did I do?

I retreated. I let him have the space.

He opened his fine dining restaurant. No one came.

When I came back to Rochdale I came back a hero.

I am not saying let Russia have The Ukraine.

If we do emboldened by his success Putin will consolidate his forces. Then he will advance further.

What he must meet and meet now is a united determination from the West.

No one expected Zelenskyy to stand up to the Russian Bear most of all Putin.

That Zelenskyy is Jewish and won the election with 73% of the vote puts  to bed the lie the idea that The Ukraine  is a hot bed of Nazis.

When this is over the Russian people must be welcomed as our brothers and sisters.

Why? Because they are.-Reg Hartt




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