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WIZTHEMC (right) states in FORBES  Reg Hartt is the mentor who helped him become the artist he is:

Alexandre Hamel on living and learning with Reg Hartt at The CineForum:

James Jacobs on his mother, Jane Jacobs: “My mother loved Reg Hartt:

Country singer Petunia on Reg Hartt:

Here is Lawrence Solomon on my work in THE NATIONAL POST:

Extremely high praise from Jane Jacobs.

“Reg Hartt has a feel for film unique in this country… approaching genus level.”–Elwy Yost.

“Reg Hartt has had an amazing impact given the size of the venue and the esoteric nature of the programming. He’s had an incredible impact on the city. No one else is doing it. No one else has ever done it.”–Rob Salem.

“Reg Hartt teaches like Neal Cassady drove a bus.”—Joe Fiorito, Toronto Star.

A city that sees value in rules, but no value in letting Reg Hartt bend them, has no right to claim Jane Jacobs’ legacy, writes Edward Keenan.

The city should drop its misguided fight against Reg Hartt…

My mother loved Reg Hartt.”—James Jacobs:

JULIA SCUTARU, retired journalist, Bucharest: “In Toronto, I discovered by chance, Cineforum. Pure chance but a fortunate one. In that small room exhaling culture, passion and dedication, I watched the movie TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, an important historical, political and social document., and real artistic achievement….As a journalist (in Romania) I worked in the cultural field, including film reviews. Therefore I came to the Cineforum not just as a movie lover, but as a knowledgeable professional…We live in an era authoritatively dominated by brainwashing and political correctness…I admired Reg Hartt’s courage and passion put in searching out and defending the human truth, the artistic truth, the historical truth; the Truth and unveiling it…Discovering Reg Hartt and his Cineforum was one of the most important events of my visit in Toronto.”

DAVID BEARD, owner CINEBOOKS, quoted in THE TORONTO STAR, Nov. l, l979
“This man has devoted his whole life to bringing the film classics to the public. He treats animation-cartoons, if you will-as art. He is underfinanced, overworked and snubbed. I think we should pay tribute to him.


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