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People have found their stolen bikes at James Gillis’ lane-way used bike sales.

These sales are promoted through an avalanche of flyers postered around the city of Toronto along with flyers for his street postering service.

Metro Licensing and Standards will come down like a truckload of bricks on a father who builds an unauthorized tree house in his back yard for his kids.

They have come down like a ton of bricks for a whopping number of people who break their street poster bylaws.

James Gillis tears down everything he is not paid to post.

Not only does he tear stuff down, he tears stuff up. Then he posts the torn up bits in clumps behind the posters he is paid to put up.

These, of course, then fall to the ground where they litter the city’s streets.

Then the city sends irate messages to the people whose posters were destroyed.

Gillis started postering as a business in 2000.

No sooner had he started his business then he started posting flyers attacking myself. The first was a three page diatribe. This he glued up around the city. It’s a lot of work gluing up three pages of hate.

I watched him do it.

One day I saw a flyer posted around the city offering to pay $500.00 to have a fellow’s legs broken.

Only one man in Toronto would put something like that up.

That was eclipsed by a ton of posters of various sizes put up all over the city denouncing Terry Ross, a former employee of Gillis, as a rat, a police informant.  Terry said he had been ripped off by Gillis. Rather than pay him the money he owed him Gillis put up flyers designed to incite violence upon terry.

Now Terry had passed out flyers on Queen Street between Spadina and University forking Textiles and for Active Surplus. He was friendly. We talked. One day he asked if he could post flyers for me. Then he told me he’d been hired by James Gillis. Not only could he no longer post flyers for me but now part of his job was tearing down my flyers and those of others.

As a result when I saw the flyers designed to get Terry murdered he had given me every reason not to care. Terry had certainly not cared about me when he tore down my posters.

Nonetheless, what was happening to him was wrong. It was as wrong as it can get.

I bought my first video camera, filmed the posters and then got in touch with journalists, city councillors, MPPS, MPS and everone else I could think of.

All of them said there was nothing they could do.

Fortunately people in the office of then Toronto Mayor David Miller responded. There was something they could do.

Terry said to me, “You saved my life.”

Today City of Toronto Councillor Mike Layton, Toronto Mayor John Tory, MPP Jessica Bell are sickened by the hate against myself that James Gillis posts daily against myself.

One fellow, Adam Golding, saw Jamie posting his hate on Thursday , March 24. “Why are you doing this?” Adam asked.

They talked.

On Friday Adam got in touch. Now he was a target as well.

James Gillis is a sick person.

He is a danger to himself and to others.

He needs help.

For his sake I hope he gets it.

Meanwhile there is something rotten at METRO LICENSING AND STANDARDS.

Councillor Mike Layton emailed me, “We have by-laws for postering we can enforce.”

The problem is that Metro Licensing and Standards seems not be enforcing its bylaws when it comes to James Gillis.

MLS is letting him get away with murder.

This is going to lead perhaps to my murder and, now, perhaps to Adam’s.

The problem is not with Mike Layton.

Mike is a good guy.

The problem is with Metro Licensing and Standards.

City bylaws prohibit the posting of anonymous flyers. These hate flyers are anonymous.

City Bylaws prohibit posting more than one flyer per subject on a kiosks or board. Not on on each side of a kiosk. One per kiosk.

City Bylaws prohibit posting flyers larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.

The laws are there.

If a father decides to build an unauthorized tree-house in his back hard for his kids MLS will demand it come down.

There is something rotten in Toronto.

It is not Mayor John Tory. He’s a good guy.

It is not our city councillors.

METRO LICENSING AND STANDARDS seems to be letting James Gillis get away with murder.

When murder happens the staff at MLS will have blood on their hands. My blood and now, perhaps, that of Adam Golding.

God bless Mayor John Tory, Councillor Mike Layton, MPP Jessica Bell and all of our city councillors.

They are good people doing a difficult job in a very hard moment in time.

We are called not to condemn those who wilfully do us wrong. We don’t need to. Their actions condemn them. Their refusal to act condemns them.

We are called to pray for them. I do.

This posting of anonymous hate on the streets of Toronto is now in its 22nd year.

That is 22 years too many.

James Gillis has posted flyers inciting hatred against not only Terry Ross and myself but also his former employee Daniel Goggin, former Councillor and MP Adam Vaughan (who was accused of being involved with child porn) and former Mayor Rob Ford (also accused on being involved in child porn).

James Gillis needs to be off the streets. He desperately needs psychiatric counselling.

I pray he gets it.

“Someone ought to do it, but why should I? Someone ought to do it, so why not I? Between these two sentences lie whole centuries of moral evolution.”–Annie Besant.

Metro Licensing And Standards seems to be the home of those who say, “Someone ought to do it, but why should I?”


Adam Zivo, writing in QUILLETTE, wrote, “The City of Toronto sees Reg Hartt as a nuisance.”

Yes, it seems to be true.

James Jacobs said to mt, “My mother loved you.”

His mother is Jane Jacobs. The City of New York saw her as a nuisance.

I’m in damned good company.

Here’s to Jon Tory, Mike Layton and Jessica Bell.

–Reg Hartt

James Jacobs: “My mother loved Reg Hartt.”

David Peter Allen alleges that James Gillis offered him money to kill Reg Hartt:

James Gillis targets former employee Terry Ross as a police informant.

“Reg Hartt, I am going to ruin you.”


Who is behind the anonymous street posters inciting violence upon their subjects?



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