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Above: Ad ad for used bikes that rips off the art created for my book THE NIGHT THEY RAIDED ROCHDALE. Art is not the only thing the man selling those bikes rips off. People have reported they found their stolen bikes at his sales. He is also the force behind the myriad of flyers posted around Toronto designed to bring violence upon their subjects. This has been going on for over twenty years. That’s Toronto for you.

The original art for my book, THE NIGHT THEY RAIDED ROCHDALE.

Friends tell me when they see these posters they know what to do with them.

The City’s Street Poster bylaws are extremely well thought out an eminently fair. They are designed to allow as many people as possible share the limited space available. The man posting these flyers ignores the bylaws.

Alexander Braun was homeless. He asked if  I had room for him. He’s pretty pissed off by the myriad of flyers being posted around Toronto designed to bring harm to their subjects one of whom is myself. Eyes on the street are watching.  ,     .

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