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No one should ask to be given a break.

That said you should break completely with what people have to say about yourself and your works.


Because your work speaks very well for itself.

Audiences have changed.

You are right about that.

They are more than ready to see motion pictures that challenge them.

They do not care about how long a film maker takes to tell their story.

They do care if the story be told well.

You’ve been doing an A1 job for a long time.

You’ll be doing it longer.

I do suggest that you re-present AVATAR in THE EXTENDED CUT in 3D in advance of AVATAR: WAY OF WATER.

It will whet people’s appetite for that film.

You’re one of the few real experimental film makers around.

That means you are doing new things.

Chuck Jones told me the most common criticism he got was, expressed as one words, “THAT’SNEWTAKEITOUT.”

You are in the best company.

When you are in Toronto drop by my CineForum.

We share a common love for 3D.

–Reg Hartt

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