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5pm Sunday, July 17, 24, 31. Give what you can. B.Y.O.F.D. There will be an intermission.

The CineForum, 463 Bathurst Below College across from The Beer Store. 416-603-6643

Abel Gance’s Napoleon (1927) is too big a movie to miss. This broad-beamed silent epic reportedly ran for nine hours in its original cut, which is even more impressive when you consider that it was conceived as merely the first film in a six-part biography. When I learned that the BFI had produced a 5 and ½ hour cut on Blu-ray (the version that played Toronto was 4 hours) I wanted to see it and that more than once. This is a private screening open only to my friends. Not yet a friend? It is time you became one.

Famed artist Cecil Taylor said, “The key to success in the arts is to find someplace small in your own city where you can present your ideas without being interfered with. If you do that the whole world comes to your door.” In 1992 I found my small space. It is in my home. The CineForum, acclaimed worldwide, is in my home.

In the 1960s when I began my screenings in Toronto the world was astir with stories of riots in Paris over the ousting of Henri Langlois from The Paris Cinematheque.

The more I read the more I became interested in doing in Toronto what Langlois was doing in Paris.

THE CINEFORUM, located in my home, began by accident in 1992 after decades of screening films in various bars, churches, libraries and university spaces around the city of Toronto.

It is illegal in Toronto to invite strangers into our homes. Don’t be a stranger.

Cities are about welcoming strangers as friends.–Reg Hartt

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