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On Thursday I waited all day for INTELCOM to pick up a package for return.

When the driver called to say he was coming he spoke with a slurred voice.

I repeated back to him what I had just heard.

He did not like it.

I asked him to repeat what he had said slowly and clearly.

He did not arrive.

He told INTELCOM there was no one here when he got here.

I was here. The front door was open.

By chance I went outside. I saw a man across the street taking pictures. He saw me. He walked up the street to a parking lot. After a few minutes had passed (a considerable few minutes) he pulled out in a van. He drove away.

INTELCOM sent me a notice to reschedule.

I did.

The driver was to arrive yesterday (Saturday).

He did not.

This morning I got a new notice to reschedule.

Two strikes out is enough.

INTELCOM needs to replace this driver.

When I contacted AMAZON about this I was told others had complained.

–Reg Hartt

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