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Last night I watched Twilight’s Time 3D Blu-ray of W. Somerset Maugham’s MISS SADIE THOMPSON (RAIN).

For years I could only read about this being shown in other cities I could not go to:  , , , , , ,  , .

Now I can see it whenever I want to which, after last night, is going to be soon.This is a helluva movie.

Last night for the first time I watched the film in 3D while listening to the superb Audio Commentary with Film Historians David Del Valle and Steven Peros.They provided an insight into both Rita Hayworth and the production of the film that terrifically enhanced my appreciation of both the picture and its star.

I really valued Steven Peros comments on how the film makers paid lip service to the demands of The Motion Picture Production Code while doing everything in their power to get truth on the screen. They made me want to read the story:  me

I really appreciated the use of 3D more than any time I had seen the film before.

Listening to audio commentaries (when they are good and this one is excellent) lets me watch the picture in a more detached way. It is really a shame Twilight Time went out of business. They did terrific work. Get yourself a copy if you can.…/Miss-Sadie…/154122/…

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