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My mother, God rest her, was murder to watch PERRY MASON starring Raymond Burr on TV as she knew within seconds really who dunnit.

I have that gift from her but, unlike her, I’m not going to tell you.

What I will tell you is that HALLOWEEN JACK is a boisterous romp that puts the # firmly back into 3D.

It’s set at a summer camp just like FRIDAY THE 13TH 3D and just like that film the titles fly right up and in our face and then some.

This is not a picture for 3D purists who think that action in the space between the spectator and the screen (negative Z Space) takes the audience out of the picture.

It may take them out of the picture but most folks when they go to see a 3D movie want EXACTLY what HALLOWEEN JACK 3D delivers.

The direction is fine. The performances are fine. The 3D gags are appropriately disgusting. The music is on the beat.

This is, in fact, a film that can’t be beat.

It is too much fun.–Reg Hartt






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