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Let’s all help stop DR “HATE.” He’s attack-postered innocent people for questioning his practices which contravene city bylaws against anonymous posters, and he destroys the postering work of rival businesses, and then offers to do their postering for a fee — an extortion racket — you can tell his posters by:
– a ‘666’ phone number
– obsessive, misleading, attacks on Reg Hartt
– black and white, often 8.5×11
Anoymous posters are not just illegal, but immoral as they violate:
a. the moral right to face one’s accuser
b. the moral right to due process
c. the moral demand that those making potentially harmful claims bear risk themselves, otherwise it is ‘too cheap’ to weaponize anonymous accusations
Dr “Hate” employs marginalized people in his hate machine, sells unsafe bikes that almost killed my friend, and when I confronted him about his practices, he had the shit-eating grin of a troll, not someone concerned about community safety.
Believe what you want about Reg Hartt my own investigations have revealed that Dr “HATE” will attack-poster someone with no evidence whatsoever about them, as he was doing to intimidate “Terry the Rat” from speaking to the cops about him, in posters when I first moved to Toronto twenty years ago. His practices intimidate third parties from postering and obliquely incite violence. Please take them down upon sight. He is also strongly motivated by homophobia: one of the first things he said to me when I confronted him was “I’m not gay”.

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