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Now available after years of frustration on 3-D BLU-RAY:

Bob Furmanek, founder of THE 3-D FILM ARCHIVE, and his technical director, Greg Kintz, discuss some of the technical aspects of the 3-D medium including upcoming 3-D releases:

3-DInlife came up with a much better and far less expensive camera. I bought several.


One morning I woke up out of a dream in which I gave the introductions to my programs and the talks I give in 3-D off the screen in The CineForum. “That would be cool,” I thought. I bought my first 3-D Video camera from Ultimate 3-D Heaven: . It was $695.00 U.S. Don’t buy it. It is a piece of junk. Nonetheless, it got me started. 3DInlife came up with a much less expensive and much better high def 720p 3-D Camera. I bought several. Then Sony introduced their BLOGGIE 3-D Camera which blew everything else out of the water. It offers 1080 p theatrical quality. I eventually bought six. Five I was able to buy as a group at a much lower price. The only problem is the wind can muck up the sound.

I filmed OCCUPY TORONTO with both the 3-DInlife 720p camera and the Sony Bloggie 3-D Cameras. They allowed me to mingle with the crowd as part of the crowd thus not drawing attention to myself which is how a true journalist operates.

Sony Bloggie 3-D Camera.

My number one camera today is my SONY HDR TD10: . This is a superb camera. I can get five hours of filming time with it. I used it to film the various FORD FESTS.The beauty is that with it I am just one of many. I do not draw attention to myself. People around me are relaxed and real. This camera shoots wonderfully in available light. With it I was able to document Stebven Leckie’s last VILETONES concert at The Phoenix. I have been doing a lot of work with it. This camera films in 2D/3D at the same time. It requires Vegas Movie Studio Platinum to render the files in anaglyph, side by side and other forms of 3-D. To create over/under 3-D I use Aiiesoft 3-D Converter: . I thought perhaps Aiiesoft could convert the original files. It can’t. Also I cannot create titles with it. For that I need Movie Studio Platinum.

Jean Cocteau said, “When the tools of the cinema become as inexpensive as pencil and paper the cinema will finally become the medium of poets. Imagine what the cinema of poets will be!” Digital cinema allows the medium to become open to poets.

As we are now experiencing tent cities in our Toronto parks I feel these videos of OCCUPY TORONTO are particularly prescient.

I am currently preparing the remaining videos. They will be posted here when they are ready. Coming next, my first day at Occupy Toronto, November 12,2011.

The 3-DInlife videos can’t be rendered by Movie Studio Platinum. They are being prepared by a different system. They will be here as well.

While I am posting these on youtube in anaglyph (Red and Blue 3-D–Red lens over the left eye) I also have them in the much superior digital side by side and over/under  format.

Digital 3-D Projection at The CineForum in Toronto is better than in many cinemas in Canada. Drop by.

–Reg Hartt, poet of the cinema.

Don’t just look at these. Stop them now and then and examine the moment. This is real life not reel life. There is much to discover in these 3-D still frames. It is like the best possible Viewmaster stereo slide. –Reg Hartt


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