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In 1968 at a meeting of the Bartonian Metaphysical Society in Ottawa I observed a man in a red plaid shirt who faded from view when he felt my eye on him. I saw him two more times.

At the break I went to the woman who had been speaking, Dr. Winifred Barton, I told her what I had seen. She said, “Wait here.”

She left to return with a photograph. “Is this the man?” she asked. I said, “Yes.” She said, “That is the caretaker. He died yesterday. Where you saw him was his favourite place to sit during our meetings.”

Hawking should not be so eager to dismiss what he clearly had not studied.

The great religious epic THE MAHABHARATA climaxes with a great battle where Krishna says to both sides, “You can have me or my armies. You can’t have both. I will not fight for you.”

Duryodhana, of the Kauravas, says, “If I have your armies I don’t need you.”

Yudhishthira, of the Pandavas (who allow themselves to be cheated and robbed by the Kauravas in the hope the Kauravas–who think them fools–will have a change of heart for the better–it is a vain hope) says, “I can fight my own battles.”

Krishna says, “I will be your charioteer.”

The story is about the power of those who trust GOD over those who trust might.

In a world where science has armed the mighty with weapons of uncalcuable mass destruction that story is as important now as it was when first told.

Two NASA scientists John Jumper and Eric Jackson, were using a VP8 image analyzer to view topographical photographs taken in space with two cameras in 3D. On a lark one put a photo of The Turin Shroud under it. They observed 3D information where it should not have been.

That led over thirty scientists (only 4 of whom were Christian) to go to Turin with several tons of advanced scientific equipment. They went to see if they could learn how the image on the shroud had been generated. They learned it had been created by no means known to science.

The science of the Turin Shroud is astounding. Robert Bucklin M.D. was a forensic scientist whose work inspired the TV series QUINCY. Here is his scientific study of the The Legal and Medical Aspects of the Trial and Death of Christ: .

You can say the Shroud is a fake. It is not. My friend Simon Waegemaekers, who co-created Canada’s Museum for Textiles, says . “There is only one person in textiles we do not argue with. That is Mechtild Flury-Lemberg” You can see her scientific observations here:…/shroud-of-christ-interview…/7130/ . The evidence, says Flury-Lemberg, is clear: “The linen cloth of the Shroud of Turin does not display any weaving or sewing techniques which would speak against its origin as a high quality product of the textile workers of the first century.”

It is not scientific to readily dismiss anything.

The bumper sticker states: “The Christian right is neither.” That is true.

Here is the list of the scientists who observed the Turin Shroud and reasoned that it was made by no means known to man.

Dame Isabel Piczek, a painter with an understanding of particle physics, stated: . It is not scientific to dismiss faith. Neither Abraham nor Moses was seeking the Burning Bush when they observed it. Reason led both to investigate it. What they learned caused them to willingly embrace great trials. In the course of those trial the world was changed just as it was changed by the Atomic Bomb.

Because the Jews had come to the aid of Julius Caesar in Egypt they were given special consideration by Rome. One of those considerations was that any person crucified would have their body returned after a year for proper Jewish burial. To do that the body had to be identifiable. On the Turin Shroud scientific analysis has revealed in Greek, Hebrew and Latin the name “Jesus of Nazareth.” This is the man.

Scientific observation on the floral images found on the Turin Shroud reveal them to be native to Jerusalem. They blossom between March and April. Why were they buried with Jesus? People who died a violent death were buried unwashed so that their blood could be buried with them. Flowers were placed under Jewish crucifixion victims to capture their living blood. Anything with their living blood had to be buried with them. This is a fascinating book by a non-Christian. It is about not religion but science.

The historical Jesus was a dirt poor tradesmen built like a lumberjack ans strong as an ox. He was from the boonies, “buttfuck Galilee” as Thomas Cahill put it in DESIRE OF THE EVERLASTING HILLS. Galileans dropped their aitches as Ian Wilson states in his book.


Use red and blue glasses to see this image in 3D. Here is THE LAST JUDGMENT. If you are among those who pass by the least among us then you will know where you stand in that moment. Get right now while you can.

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