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White Buffalo Calf Woman: The Origin of Culture Through Prophecy

There are many versions of the story of WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN.

Almost all of them deal with the ideal.

There is one version I found in which after WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN has been with the people for a while she starts being just White Buffalo Calf Woman.

By that I mean the people became accustomed to her. She ceased being someone special.

At which point she left them.


I once knew a woman named Benedicta, who
infused everything with the ideal. When one
looked into her eyes one wanted nobility, glory,
beauty, all those qualities that make us love immortality.

But this exquisite woman was too beautiful to
live long; she died in fact shortly after I met her,
and it was I who buried her one day when spring
was waving his encensoir even through the
cemetery gates. It was I who buried her, well
enclosed in a coffin made of a wood scented and
eternal as the treasure boxes of India.

And while my eyes remained fixed on that spot
where my jewel lay entombed, I saw all at once a
tiny human being much like the dead woman,
doing a bizarre dance, violent and hysterical, on
the loose earth. She howled with laughter as she
spoke: “This is me! Benedicta, as she is! I’m
trash, everyone knows it! And the punishment
for your stupidity and your blind head is this:
You’ll have to love what I am!”

I went into a rage and said, “No! No! No! No!”
And in order to give strength to my no, I
stomped the earth so fiercely with my foot that
my leg sank into the freshly turned earth up to
my knee, and like a wolf caught in a trap, I am
now tied, perhaps for the rest of my life, to the
grave of the ideal.

–Charles Baudelaire (translated by Robert Bly).

We see this all the time when the bloom falls off the rose.

Who knows what WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN did?

Most likely she stayed one day too long.

However my feeling is that she did it knowingly.

It is human nature to profane the sacred.

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote mediocrity recognizes nothing higher than itself.

David Ogilvy, in his wonderful book, THE CONFESSIONS OF AN ADVERTISING MAN, writes, “That is not true. Mediocrity always recognizes what is higher than itself and always seeks to destroy it.”

This is true.

In Luke 18:8 Jesus says, “Do you think when I return I will find so much as one person believing?”

Most translations of that are not so powerful.

That hour draws near.–Reg Hartt 2023–10–30.

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