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A copy of this LIFE KING KONG magazine was given to me today. It’s pretty good but there is one glaring omission. No mention is made of Rick Baker without whom the 1976 remake would not have been possible. We do get a full page picture of the giant Kong prop built for the film which is very briefly seen in it and which for those few seconds just looks awful as far as I am concerned. We get a full page picture of Kong’s face. It’s clearly Rick Baker but no mention is made of him. Carlo Rambaldi is credited as the creator of the not so special special effects. The magic came from Rick Baker. , , , , ,…/the-struggles-of-king-kong-76/. I’m shouting out to LIFE that I expect better from them. Rick Baker is KING KONG 1976. Peter Elliott played KONG in KING KONG LIVES without the magic Rick Baker brought to the role.



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